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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

leftism, as put out by jews for whites, is about using words to change reality. the words are deployed to intimidate people and confuse them into doing what the leftist wants, as he sees that any who resist the left are smeared and ostracized

this is always the way to look at any language, new or old, the left uses. it is there to scare and threaten people and hide reality. to address it with logic doesn't work. in the sense that 1) it's child's play to see what's logically wrong / evidentially wrong with what the left is saying, but 2) to focus on logic ignores the actual game being played - bluff and intimidation - which is politically wrong. the left must be met with laughter and counter-abuse that is even sharper than what they deliver.

any honest man, who accepts rationality, can figure out the truth about any 'issue' pretty easily with a little bit of Internet research. so there's no need to pretend that people using smearspeak aren't dishonest, disingenuous wannabe-totalitarian shitheads because they are.

the way you tell that conservatives are fake opposition is that it is their ritual and tradition of beginning their critical pieces by granting "liberals" are motivated by good intentions.

they are not. they are motivated by bad intentions. always.