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Originally Posted by Rasen View Post
and what you're able to talk as being 30-40 y.o. is just children literature and other pedo stuff?
Do you prefer to remain a propagandist?

Says the person who acts like a propaganda machine spending life in opposing views forum.
I already explained how it happened -

Really if a person with "neutral, irrelevant" views was existing for years in a lounge section of abstract forums like sites of home builders or sportsmen, it'd be already considered strange by locals, as if you couldn't find more suitable place for yourself except specific random site.
If you read my explanation you will see that I really "couldn't FOUND more suitable place for MYself."

If it happened in marxist sites, you'd be put on watch list, because such views would be treated like provocateurs and enemy agenda. Same with most far-right forums where local users have brains, but this site seems to be exceptional, the user with antifascist pro-Soviet view like yours is a respected and protected by local "Nazis" (or ashkenazis), because you describe Putin's steps day by day.
If you do not like this forum then why are you present at it?

Because you and Jewish Bolsheviks are on the same side of coin.
I consider the communist ideal of society utopian and unrealizable.

You always despised people who spoke out against your beloved USSR and judo-bolshevik fatherland, regardless of degree of their works reliability.
I do not despise people who do not like the USSR.

Well, let's check the reliability of Solzhenitsyn
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