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Default The holocaust archaeology hoax

From the - - website:

* The first 6 so-called “huge mass graves” of Ponary are shown and numbered in the map in this link here:

PONARY MAP (#1/55 though #6/60 of the alleged 100)

The 7th so-called “huge mass grave” of Ponary is discussed in this link here:

PONARY ARTICLE & VIDEO (#7/61 of the alleged 100)

Said article:

Said video:

PBS has a DVD out titled:




If you watch from the 12:02 mark to the 16:14 mark, you will see much information about this fraudulently alleged "huge mass grave" #7/61.

At the 12:22 mark the narrator says:

"6 burial pits have been discovered so far..."

At the 15:13 mark you see a lidar map showing the alleged 7th pit, which is nothing more than a depression near the 6 other pits.

At the 15:30 mark, the charlatan Richard Freund says the following about this so-called pit:

"It's about 24 meters large, 4 meters deep, so it's a burial pit. If somebody asks you what is going on here, you can say that there are about 5 to 7 thousand people who are buried in this unknown pit."

BTW, in the article linked to above, Freund says this about the fraudulently alleged "huge mass grave" #7/61:

"We found the burial pit that was 72 feet long and 12 feet deep that had 7,000 people in it."

Yet the lying coward refuses to accept a HOLOCAUST ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX CHALLENGE.

(What kind of archaeologist refuses to bet that he can prove what he alleges he has discovered is true, or refuses a cash reward for fear of having to answer a few simple questions about their alleged "forensically proven" mass grave discoveries?)