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Stewart Meadows

Here's a new example of how anti-white the pro-Chinese shitbags are.

RT, which is a mouthpiece for China's mass-murdering regime, has excreted an op-ed that aggressively attacks two famous Italian TV hosts and accuses them of racism against the Chinese scum:

Italian TV hosts mock Chinese and this racism would’ve gone unnoticed if not for social media… ‘Because it’s the Chinese, y’know’

Posted: Apr 14, 2021 / 01:19 PM EDT / Updated: Apr 14, 2021 / 01:19 PM EDT

With millions of viewers of their satirical news show, Italian TV hosts Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker chose to ignore the ongoing global discussion on racism by mocking the Chinese. It took a US Instagrammer to call them out.

Not that most people would ever admit to it, but certainly among the lingering symptoms of long-Covid lies an acceptance of racism towards the Chinese that would be considered almost criminally intolerable if directed at any other nationality.

The problems began when the two Italian television hosts of the long-running satirical ‘Striscia la Notizia’ (Strip the News) show aired by the private Italian network Mediaset made the childish, but racist, slant-eyed gestures and mocked the ‘L’ pronunciation of ‘R’ while presenting a piece on Italy’s RAI TV.

Former Italian MP Gerry Scotti and his co-host, Swiss-Italian model Michelle Hunziker, were watched by around 4 million Italians but for some reason, never thought their actions might be offensive to any of their 310,000 fellow citizens who make up the largest Chinese population in Europe.

And weirdly, they might have escaped without any sort of censure had US-based Diet Prada, a hugely popular Instagrammer with around 2.7 million followers, not called them out. That’s because Italian media was quiet on the actual display of racism broadcast across the nation’s TV screens, only springing to life once the influential Instagram account decided not to let this one pass.
But the fact that the two hosts were not suspended or sacked immediately says something about attitudes towards the Chinese that hold true across many countries. Many Westerners seem to feel it’s okay to be racist towards China or are at most ambivalent about the slurs; I know it’s not right, but y’know, it’s the Chinese.

Judging by his continued silence on the matter, Gerry Scotti agrees.

And as usual, the RT comment section is filled with pathetic China-worshipping cucks that agree with the idiot who wrote the op-ed, and they're kvetching about how terrible and racist the Italians are.

The bottom line is: if you're pro-Chinese, then you're an anti-white piece of shit.

That's a fact.