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Yes, I've noticed that too. White women who have sex with negroes, or who become their partners in crime, usually look like trash. Here's an example:
And here's another one, although it's from last year:

Monroe County deputies arrest 4 for a Snapchat video involving 6-year-old child

by WGXA Digital Staff
Monday, August 24th 2020

Top left: Rhonda Benford, Top Right: Jaquavious Bloodser, Bottom left: Trentavious Morgan, Bottom Right: Tra’darius Singleton Photo Source: WGXA

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. -- Four people involved in a Snapchat video with a 6-year-old boy were arrested, this includes the child's mother.

Monroe County deputies report that a person filed a complaint about a Snapchat video that was also on Facebook and showed two older males "horse-playing" with the child.

However, the complainant said the men were being too rough the 6-year-old.

Monroe County Investigators further investigated the incident and arrested 19-year-old Trentavious Morgan, 20-year-old Jaquavious Bloodser, and 23-year-old Tra’darius Singleton on June 11, 2020.

All three will be charged with 1 count of misdemeanor simple battery.

Look at the negroes' names. Trentavious, Jaquavious and Tra’darius. You can't make this shit up.