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Fred Streed

Originally Posted by Hadding
Later in this thread, someone got very offended because Fred commented loosely about the very real investigation of Gliebe for some sexual offense involving an underage girl, and Fred backed down, but Fred's comment was later than, and nowhere near as offensive as, what Gliebe's toady posted about Mrs. Fred Streed, and Fred's comment was certainly not as far removed from reality as is much of what Gliebe &co. have said.
I did not mean to give the impression I was backing down. I think the FACT that Gliebe was investigated for possible sexual molestation of a very young (around 6 or 7) girl is very relevant. I did state that I did not think he was guilty of the charge. The reason it is important is because I think ZOG was flexing their muscle and using it to intimidate and possibly control Gleebe or at least remind him that they could do to him as they did to Duke, Hale, Doles, and others. I know it rattled Gleeber when it happened.