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Genuine, by the definition, garbageman and truck driver, nigger serial killer, Edward Surratt,
killer of at least 18.

NOTE: Also very scarce net photos. In one, the lighting is so pale, he almost easily passes for White to non-racially aware Whites.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, which published the above racially dubious photo, and further insinuated confusion by refusing to publish Surratt's race in the text at above link is owned by the jew 'Block' family.
His Jewish family had fled poverty and persecution in Russia...
Watch this vid to see the truth. This video has mug shots of nig Surratt and photos of his White victims:
Surratt, a long-distance truck driver and Vietnam combat veteran, was long believed by police to have committed at least 18 murders in 1977 and 1978 in eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and South Carolina, as well as the rapes of a mother and daughter in Florida.

Surratt, now 65, is serving two life sentences in Florida, where he was captured on July 1, 1978, still inside the St. John's County home where he had repeatedly raped a woman and her teen-age daughter in front of the bound husband. When Surratt, drunk and on drugs, fell asleep, the husband escaped, and police caught Surratt in the house.
When police vacuumed the crime scene, they had little to go on but a few hairs from a black person. Boardman Police were forced to wait until authorities from Pennsylvania asked Detective Glenn Bowers if Boardman had experienced any recent unsolved murders. The evidence that linked Surratt to the crime was the traffic ticket Surratt’s wife turned over to the FBI.

By the time this information was available, Surratt was already in a Florida prison serving four life sentences plus 275 years for crimes committed in Florida and South Carolina.

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