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Default Did You Witness Alex's Arrest?

If you were an eyewitness to Alex's arrest on May 26, 2007, in Knoxville, Tennessee you have the opportunity to once again become active.

It is very important that everyone who was present in Knoxville during the rally and who witnessed the arrest of Alex file a complaint with the CITY OF KNOXVILLE'S POLICE DEPARTMENT INTERNAL AFFAIRS UNIT. Such reports go on to serve their purpose years after they have been file against a group of cops or individual cops.

All complaints need to be written in the framework of an Affidavit. What did you see? When did you see it? What was Alex doing at that time? What were the cops doing at that time? Etc. Very specific and only what you witnessed with your five senses. If you need any help with the form feel free to ask me anything. I can't help you write the substance and content of your complaint and testimony but I can answer all other questions.

Write up EVERYTHING YOU SAW, HEARD, and SMELLED [everything you witnessed.] in a clear and concise manner. Use paragraphs frequently. Spell all words correctly. Have it notarized or witnessed by two people over the age of 18. The only purpose of the notary or witnesses is to verify your identity. That's all.

I witnessed a woman who have been handcuffed, was being held down over the trunk of her car, and four City of Mobile cops where beating the daylights out of her. I called internal affairs the next day (Monday) and they asked me to come in an tell them what I saw. I was there for about 40 minutes at which time they ask me what I saw and other questions based upon what I witnessed.

I told the police department that I needed to know who she was as I was going to pay for her legal expenses as well as testify on her behalf. They dropped all charges against her and had let her out within hours of her arrest. Those officers knew they were wrong and although the charges were dropped they owe that woman an apology and a whole lot of money. I never found out her identity. Just wanted to illustrate how potent such a justified complaint can be when the officers are so clearly wrong.

Send your complaint\affidavit REGISTERED\CERTIFIED MAIL WITH SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY REQUIRED to the following office:

Lt. Ricky Ferguson
KPD Headquarters
800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave
Knoxville, Tennessee 37915

Internal Affairs Website:

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for the investigation of allegations of misconduct by members of the Department
, and under certain circumstances, other employees of the City of Knoxville. The Internal Affairs Unit also tracks complaints made to the Department to allow for research on the various types of allegations that are made. The Unit is headed by a unit commander and is staffed by sworn supervisory personnel and one (1) civilian secretary. The sworn personnel are members of the National Internal Affairs Investigators Association.

The Internal Affairs Unit accepts and investigates all aspects of officer conduct and other selected aspects concerning the conduct of City employees working in other branches of the government. The Unit acts upon the same precepts and procedures as criminal investigative units of the department and is ethically bound to be thorough, fair, and impartial.

Each complaint received by the Internal Affairs Unit is thoroughly investigated and results in one of the following findings.

The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence to believe the incident complained of occurred. Recommendation for appropriate disciplinary action is made.

Investigation discloses insufficient evidence either to prove or disprove the allegations.

The incident complained of occurred; however, the actions of the employee were lawful and proper.

The investigation disclosed that the alleged act complained of never occurred and therefore is false. (This may apply to one or all accusations against the employee.)

If the complaint investigation concludes that the allegation is true, but the employee's actions were consistent with department policy, the complaint will be classified as "exonerated-policy failure."

Complaint currently under investigation.

Investigative File only
During 2004, the Internal Affairs Unit received 47 complaints. The Internal Affairs Unit investigated twenty-nine of those complaints while the remaining 18 complaints were handled by the officers' supervisor.

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