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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

There's no evidence that the books were burned. Just the statement of a highly biased friend of Kevin's.

Your beliefs about Elisha are based on a caricature manufactured by her enemies.

Kevin Strom is not just a pedophile, he's a liar. He has fooled a lot of good men with his lies. I've been warning you about this since at least 2003. It is amazing how gullible some of you are when the jewsmedia feeds you something you want to believe.

Elisha operates under her own name, is honest almost to a flaw, and, I feel confident, would never burn Oliver's books or papers. Just think about that and you realize how dumb it sounds. Elisha the caricature is about as real as the holocaust. Maybe she gassed six million Oliver papers and books? Would you believe that? Why not?