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Originally Posted by White Will View Post
So, please set this MAJOR discrepency by Lisa Provence straight:
You do know the right way to get an answer, don't you Will?

There was no "three-day bonfire." I did burn some National Vanguard material. It consisted of newer National Vanguard magazines, Who is National Vanguard? pamphlets, and all the membership applications (both blank and filled-in). I did this only after Kevin stated he did not want it, and after the several dozen phone calls I made to top National Vanguard members regarding it went unanswered and unreturned. As an afterthought I tossed a ripped lampshade and a broken spinning wheel into the fire. I really can't say what happened to the Oliver material, but I do know I absolutely did not burn or destroy it.

For the record: The man, John Justice, who is quoted in that article, within the last year bought Kevin a $300,000.00 house, continues to rent another home for him, is helping to fund Kevin's invasion of privacy lawsuit against me (apparently Kevin is none too happy that I was smart enough to install cameras in our home), has tried to force his way into my home resulting in the police being called twice, knowingly paid for Kevin to send gifts to a ten year old, and after hearing Kevin's public admission of being pedophile still calls him "a fine man." And those are just the minor things. I used to believe the guy was just another gullible victim of Kevin's, but I don't anymore.