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I posted this (unformatted) ramble on the "fumagation" thread, but it's more appropriate here:

Originally Posted by Jim Crowe
I myself am an athiest and have big problems with christianity, especially the egalitarian aspect of it. But I wouldn't want to ban a white racialist who happens to be christian. I believe a lot of klan members are christian.

Actually that's not my point. There's nothing wrong with having a hardline core or standard. VNN is certainly one of the most hardcore WN sites there is. My point was that during the 3 years that I've been on here, Linder always described this forum as a "free speech" forum. If only speech that is allowed is a very narrowly defined ideology, then fine but it should not be labeled as free speech. I'm always of the viewpoint that political speech should not be censored. I just have a visceral reaction to it.

Thank you for your reply, Jim.

I'd be the last to deny you your freedom to express yourself. I would prefer you state why you consider yourself an atheist, why you reject Xianity rather than why you think we rational "non-believers" should play patty-cake with the irrational, hostile "believers." Is it just that you have come to embrace the Rodney King school of revolutionary thought?: "why can't we all just get along?" I see a lot of that here at VNNF. What a lovely, special plan that is.

What I'm saying is that those who hold that Nature-based hard line on race that you acknowledge should have their own counsels, their own places to build consensus among themselves without interference from the Bible-thumpers and cross lighters that you seem to put such stock in. The Ku Klux Klan? Give me a break, Jim. They can have their Jesus-lovin' cross lightings free from those of us who prefer an approach that's grounded in REALITY. Should we not be accorded the same by them? For a while we had VNNF as a near refuge from them, but no more.

Where is our gathering place now? It's not on atheist Web sites because atheists are not race-thinkers; they simply do not believe in the other fellow's spooks. They pretty much believe in nothing. "Atheist" is another derogatory Jew buzzword which I'll never stoop to use to describe either myself or my comrades.

We used to have Dr. Pierce's National Alliance with it's Cosmotheistic spiritual aspect, and, though it had its flaws, was building nicely into a monolithic movement apart from the hymn-singing herd. We were not allied with "the movement," as represented by VNN and Stormfront and anyone else that welcomes in incompatible elements that disrupt and undermine cohesion, solidarity.

One of the first things stumblebum bullies Gliebe/Walker did after hijacking NA, however, was to remove those five pages from the National Alliance Membership Handbook (p.46-51) that addressed Xianity as an ideology in direct opposition to that of our Alliance's. They removed that which had held us together, that set us apart. They decided their way was better than our Founder's. Those who went along with this and defended the betrayers of what was arguably Dr. Pierce's most important policy, no matter how long they did so -- but the longer, the worse -- should hang their heads in shame for that dishonorable decision to go along to get along.

Gliebe/Walker became my enemy by that reprehensible, unilateral decision alone. Others thought this move was smart, that it would bring in more supporters with a Xian-friendly outreach. Did it?

Roper did the same with his White Revolution, as did Strom/Gaede & Co. with their National Vanguard; then Nationalist Coalition followed suit. Now, I suspect, this latest splinter of a splinter of a splinter incarnation, European Americans United, follows the same big tent approach rather than fall back and regroup around the remnant that stubbornly holds to Dr. Pierce's hard line vanguard approach. Why didn't these erstwhile Alliance members just join the Counsel of Conservative Citizens and build that up rather than mirror CoCC with yet another Xian-friendly conservative umbrella group? What differentiates Gliebe's "new" NA from CoCC now?

I believe Gliebe has joined with Dr. Pierce's most bitter rival, Willis Carto, to some extent. Try to imagine Dr. Pierce's opinion of such a drastic compromise of his hard won, fundamental principle. That's right, it's unimaginable.

What's lacking today is Dr. Pierce's approach. The Jew Bible, worship of the imaginary Abrahamic god and of his mythical bastard son, has no place in a serious White resistance movement that focuses on near absolute Jew control of our so-called Judeo-Xian civilization. There is no such thing as "positive Xianity"; not for our purposes there's not. Xianity is an opposed ideology. Period! It's Jewish at its core. How can we reasonaby expect to de-judaize our kinsmen by feeding them thin Judaic pabulum rather than the rare red meat of strict racial loyalty that they need for nourishment?

Mr. Linder can have his experimental free speech forum. But eventually those here who don't care to associate with pimply-faced anonymous cybernazis, outmoded and hostile Xian Kluckers, Xian Identity nutcases, and "judeo-Xians" -- those like us who left the NA AND VNN in disgust -- because of this revoltingly disastrous "big tent of unity" with the Vastor Pissers of the world, pissing on us, telling us how we'll burn in Jewish hell if we don't take his pale kike on a stick into our hearts, or whatever -- we will regroup. We will do so around our hard line core standard and put the conehead Kluckers in our rearview mirrors once and for all. "No Xians or Jews allowed" will be the implicit standard, as the explicit "No Jews Allowed" set the NSDAP apart from the Social Democrats' (SPD) and communists' that were competing for support of the German people's hearts and minds in 1920 - 1930s Germany.

It's not just the vocal Kluckers and Xian "Nazis" who will be ineligible, but known, incorrigible subversives/smear artists like Commander ASSWIPE and Co., Tubby Covington & Co., etc., styling themselves as National Socialist leaders. How in hell can anything be built with these psychotic, constitutional liars and shit disturbers in our midst? It ain't going to happen, Jim.

Mr. Linder has created a Frankenstein monster by insisting on throwing together two entirely contradictory world views, two insoluble elements; Xian patriots who worship the Jew's tribal god (oil) with hardline biological race-fighters (vinegar) and expecting "unity" of thought and purpose. This thread makes that point in spades. I have to thank Mr. Linder for allowing me to say that here. He has banned me for saying these things before. He may ban me again.

The fact is, Bible-believers must accommodate themselves to our a strict Race First ideology because we will never join with their nonsensical, antithetical ideology that "we are the true Jews of the Bible and Yahweh will save us." That's no better than the screwy evangelical "end times" crowd, the crazy white Xian Zionists who worship everything Judaic and deny our race.