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Originally Posted by natsocnet View Post
Of course there are exceptions,
There is nothing about this which is a matter of course.

you dope.
No, I don't, actually.

Jews who are known to their tribe as "self-loathing" Jews.
What's interesting for the case at hand about the self-loathing Jew is that he is literally self-loathing, for he realises the fact, which you apparently don't, that he cannot excape his Jewishness. The most enduring example of this is the suicide of Otto Weininger, a brilliant young man whose deep insights led him to understand that there is no redemption for a Jew but death.

As for the idea of Jüdischer Selbsthaß, on paper we owe that to Theodor Lessing, and Lessing owes it to his conversations with Ludwig Klages. Ironically, Lessing himself is an important example of the inescapability of the Rassensehle. For instance, his Geschichte als Sinngebung des Sinnlosen gives us, although it is not one of the author's aspirations, something of a signed confession of how Jews view history; they view it as a nothing more than myth, to be written as a person sees fit; hence their falsifications of history from Babylon to Berlin. Hebrew priest or Marxist theoretician, it makes no difference. If you don't know the work and are wondering what I mean, just think of Sigmund Feud's psychoanalytic theory; it is, contrary to the opinions of many racialists, a great work of psychology, except that it attempts to describe all of mankind when it fact it only describes Jews.

But all of this is strictly irrelevant, since Makow is not a self-loathing Jew. He is a Jew apologist.

In the meantime, "the Jews" serve as a convenient scapegoat for the Illuminati. It is easy to forget that the majority of Jews are patriotic citizens who would like to assimilate if only their country wasn't being dismantled. They are not part of this world government agenda.

He's also as nutty as a nut in a nutcase. In a bag full of nuts.

In conclusion, a Satanic cult controls the world. It consists not of Jews, Muslims, or Christians but of Satanists pretending to be Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Yaaawn ...

Just because you say otherwise, don't make it true.
Well look who's talking.

So instead of spouting crap why don't you actually prove your assertion that Markow is just another typical Jew.
It's Makow. Alright then. I'll interpret his Jewish thought-patterns for you, since you say you're incapable of doing that for yourself.

Romantic love is the ersatz religion of our neo-pagan era, a form of idolatry based on sexual infatuation. But no one is worthy of adoration. No one is perfect.
JTP: Romantic love is sexual infatuation. The Jew understands sexual infatuation, but not romantic love, and conflates the two. It's quite ridiculous really, but it is typically Jewish. Contrast Keats with Ginsberg. Anybody who bothers to examine 4000 years of Aryan lyric and plastic art will find that this statement is false. For example, love is not a means of sex, but sex a means of love. You know what I mean by that, but a Jew doesn't.

There's a lesson learned in this. Jews do not know who Eros is. They do not feel it and subsequently don't know what we mean by it.

Allsiegender Eros,
Du wähltest als Hinterhalt
Zum Sprung auf gesicherte Beute
Die rosigen Wangen der Jungfrau.
Du schreitest über das Meer
Und über die ländliche Flur.
Niemand kann dir entfliehen,
Weder ein ewiger Gott
Noch ein sterblicher Mensch.
Dich empfinden ist Rasen.
Du lockest hinüber zum Unrecht
Sogar das Herz des Gerechten.
Durch dich entbrannten auch diesmal
Der Vater und Sohn zur Zwietracht;
Denn gegen die mächtige Stimme
Des Urgebotes erhebt sich
Das Liebesverlangen ...


There is no equivalent Jewish verse. There couldn't be. The Jew reads that and he thinks "What is this Greek up to?" Every matter of the soul is a scheme, a farce, to the Jew. That is only a reflection on him. Jews do in fact project. See what I meant earlier? Thank old Sigmund for explaining that.

JTP: Romantic love is a form of idolatry. It is, of course, the most curious of Jewish misunderstandings of paganism, and one of the best examples of how they cannot help but think in the crassest, material sense, that the Jewish prophets were convinced that pagans were worshipping the actual idols. He has done the same thing here.

JTP: No one is worthy of adoration. It is a Jewish habit to hold man in low esteem. Unfortunately this sort of thinking found its way into Europe through Christian priestcraft. For the Aryan, the person is indeed worthy of adoration, insofar as he is the embodiment of the ideal! Aha! What the stupid Hebrew has not understood is that it is not the person, but the ideal in the person that we love.

As for his assertions that romantic love is an ersatz religion, and that our era is neopagan, these are just lies. Dishonesty is typically, but not exclusively, Jewish. The only ersatz religion here is humanism.

A "means to an end" may sound harsh to some. But in fact, nature designed women to make things happen. Mainly babies. A girlfriend once said, "I want to be used."
JTP: A woman is a means to an end. Once more the Jew reveals his soul. Or rather the fact that he hasn't one. It's not the treating of women as objects I am speaking of, but his attitude towards his own life. Everything is a means to an end to a Jew. He'll never do anything if he doesn't get something out of it. So ideas like honour are entirely foreign to him.

A man might think of a wife as a race driver thinks of his car, a cowboy his horse, a shepherd his dog, or a carpenter his tools. Men treasure what belongs to them, serves them well, and are true.
JTP: There is nothing more Jewish than this. As difficult as it is for us to appreciate, this man actually does think of his wife as he thinks of his car or his box of tools.

The romantic model of male-female love, based on lust and idealization of beauty, does not work.
JTP: Again the Jew is attempting to conflate eros and lust. But he has outdone himself this time, and turned the idealisation of beauty into a vice. The denigration of beauty has its roots amongst the Levantines. The ancient Aryans in fact esteemed beauty as - the highest virtue. And rightly so!

Here's the ugly Jew

and here's the ugly Jew's idealisation of the family. Meet the Kikensteins.

Have you understood yet why Jews denigrate beauty?

Beauty is skin deep. There is no correlation between beauty and intelligence or character.
JTP: Beauty is skin deep. Nonsense. Not only is it a nonsense, but is ironically superficial.

Das Schöne ist eine Manifestation geheimer Naturgesetze, die uns ohne dessen Erscheinung ewig wären verborgen geblieben.

Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. So Goethe. So the German soul.

And so science. It has long since explained the role of beauty in sexual selection and of sexual selection in evolution. Physical appearance is indeed the best indicator of physical health, and physical health is every bit as important as psychic health. Except to that troglodytic Jewish race that is.

But it doesn't end there. Whatever this Hebrew fool says, there are clear correlations between beauty and the psyche. The symmetries of the form, the gestures of the body, the tautness of the muscles, the expressions of the face; they all tell of mental health. Malformations in the region of the head are particularly offensive to our sensibilities, and are particularly predictive of some sort of malaise. The mentally retarded are typically ugly. So are criminals. And the underclasses. Think Jerry Springer. Or think Jews. There is a preponderance of psychopathology amongst Jews. Most Jews are insane in one manner or another, and most of them are physically ugly. Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo.

As for Jews, they have no beauty in them. So Jewish scribblings with brush or pen. The best any Jew could ever do was to imitate as Mendelssohn did, but the rule has always been ugliness. I have an evolutionary explanation for this fact, but I'll keep it to myself for now. I'll just say that further evidence of his inability to experience the beautiful is the physical ugliness of the Jewish race, the obvious result of an inability to select for beauty. Such ugliness is of course characteristic of parasitical species; think of tapeworms, ticks, lice, fleas etc.

Now, Henry Makow doesn't even know what this word beauty means to you or me. In fact, and if you had any insight you could see this in his writing, he gives it his own, typically Jewish meaning, namely that of lust. The problem is, when Aryans have this rubbish drummed into their heads long enough they begin to believe it.

JTP: Overestimation of intelligence. Intelligence is a Jewish red-herring. We see this when it is taken to its desired conclusion on Stormfront, where the argument is made that [I]Jews are fine because Jews can solve a bunch of inane puzzles in an IQ test[/I, or miscegenation with mongoloids is alright, since mongoloids can add 2 +2 . Also, valuation of humans based upon intelligence. It's an absurdity. And it's completely alien to traditional Aryan thought.

In "Satan: Prince of this World" William Guy Carr wrote: "Satanists have always used sex bribery and the depravities and perversions of sex to obtain control of men and women they wished to use to further their diabolical conspiracy. Satanism makes a God of sex." (p. 37)
JTP: Paranoia. Moreover, sexual paranoia. Everything is reduced to either sex or economics for the Jew. Those are, after all, the only motivations with which his evolution has supplied him, for that is all the parasite needs to do to survive; multiply and suck dry. Hence Freudianism and Marxism.

Believe me, I can go on, but it's rather late.

This is the agenda of the kabalistic central bankers who control the mass media, education and government.
See, the Jew just can't bring himself to say Jewish. Kabbalistic? Sure, if that means Talmud-reading, Torah-observing, kappel-wearing Jews.

Women have been turned into sex objects in order to homo-sexualize us.
As for that statement, it's just plain batty.