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I actually posted about this fellow about a year ago.
Most Canadians think that the "Human Rights" Commissions/Tribunals are BULLSHIT!

Here's the post reproduced:
Read the comments section below the article. Overwhelmingly pro free speech.

If anybody has a cause for a lawsuit there it's Mr. Earle. He ought to file assault charges against those two lesbos. What exactly did Mr. Earle say to those two, does anybody have a link? I would like to read/listen to some brutal tirade of derogatory comments targeting the women's (homo)sexual orientation. Media, movies, news, politicians, comedians... shit on White heterosexual males more than anybody. How about a little equality? Oh wait... I found it on YouTube.com. But I better not post the link because I might get more jail time for exposing truth in 'free' and 'democratic' Canada.

Keywords: Guy Earle, Toronto, comedian, lesbians, B.C., Human, Rights, Tribunal, Commission.
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