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Originally Posted by monamontgomery View Post
In these conversations the plan changed and became a double murder of both Cindy and her mother.

My guess is that the cops got Larry to lead Steele into this second killing. Since Steele had already decided to kill Cindi, Larry would be able to convince Steele to also kill the mother-in-law without being guilty of entrapment. This would make a much stronger case for the prosecution.
It was not the cops. It was the FBI, who just happened by have a special agent hanging in the vicinity of the Steele's farm and Fairfax happen to find who happened to have a free day to act on Fairfax claims with seemingly not evidence and was able to permission to record Steele and who happened to have recording equipment he would hastily put on Fairfax. Again, all of this is to have happened in same day.

How could the "cops" get Fairfax to lead Steele into the second killing when the "cops" never knew about the first killing attempt and only had met Fairfax early that day?

And it was very daring of Fairfax to go along with the recording because how could be sure that Steele was not going to mention the first planned murders, the pipe bombs, or the $10,000 in silver coins that Steele payed Fairfax.

Really cannot imagine Fairfax saying, "Hey Ed, just for fun let kill your mother-in-law also, I'll take her out for as a freebie, that one will be on the house, what do you say?" Maybe Steele would have said: "You fat idiot, you failed to kill my wife last week, why make the situation complex by attempting to kill two people at the same time. Just prove that you can kill my wife then we will start killing all the other people on my list that I showed you. Remember the one I was working on while in the ITU just after my near fatal heart attack? There will be plenty of people for you to kill."