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I still can't see why Steele would be worrying about how his wife might react to the attorney general's private playing of the alleged tape recording to her if Steele knew that he did in fact have that conversation. If Steele had actually had that alleged conversation with Fairfax, then Steele would know already that he would not be able to successfully claim it was a fake - he would know what he said and he would also know that an original tape recording would hold up in court no matter how many experts he hired to dispute it, and no matter what his wife had to say about it.

For Steele to be so worried about how his wife might react suggests to me that he came to realize that the FEDS would never allow him to bring experts in to scrutinize that tape, because they did not intend to claim it had been authenticated - they were simply going to claim that his wife allowed as how "it sounded like ED".

The FEDS would file a motion restricting Ed's defense as per the tape to only what they actually introduce, and, that would be his own wife's immediate response to hearing the tape while in the FED's own tightly controlled setting.

Realizing that, Ed wanted to make sure that his wife did not give them the testimony they would need to avoid authentication. Ed would only care about this if he felt certain that he could defeat authentication, and he could only want to pursue that avenue if he knew for a fact that HE DID NOT HAVE THAT CONVERSATION.

That is why I believe that no such conversation between ED and Fairfax ever took place.

Mona used to have a radio show years ago where she was spot-on about the holohoax and I enjoyed listening to those shows. I don't know why she and Jim Giles are so willing to believe the FED's story here, but, it makes me leary when folks I have shown deference to in the past seem to have swallowed a "big lie" story from a source they know for sure is prone to telling these kinds of whoppers all the time. Jim's own experience should have taught him to NEVER believe anything the govenment robotards ever have to say, even (and especially) under oath.

The proof will come of course if the government allows ED to subject their original "tape" to his own team of audio experts. If they ever allow Ed the right to scrutinize their original tape, and it's authenticity cannot be refuted, then, and only then, will it be appropriate to accept it as a fact.

My prediction is that the government will NOT allow Ed (nor anyone else) to ever subject this original tape to scrutinizing authentication.