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Originally Posted by Contumacyman View Post
For Steele to be so worried about how his wife might react suggests to me that he came to realize that the FEDS would never allow him to bring experts in to scrutinize that tape, because they did not intend to claim it had been authenticated - they were simply going to claim that his wife allowed as how "it sounded like ED".
Good logic.

And once the wife unwittingly gave a confirmation the FEDS really don't need to have Steele convicted. With the above scenario, Steele would likely be forced to accept a plea for 5 years. That would get Steele out of the picture until Steele was nearly 70. Have him discredit. Allow the $PLC money machine to hit the MSM tour and say we told so, scare and/or confuse other WN.

Wonder what the Attorn Generals office would have done if Steele's wife said, send and MP3 version to my e-mail address and I will listen when I'm relaxed and I will let you know if it is my husband or not.

It seems like, at least in the movies, the FED says, please come downtown to our office and look at the evidence. How often does the FED present evidence remotely.

Are the police going to start doing line-ups over web-cams or sending mug shots of suspects to e-mail accounts? How about morgues having dead confirmed over web-cams?