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Default Fairfax got scared when he realized ed was a nut.

Scared of what? Of the Edgar Steele in the mug shot?
Not the mug shot. The mug shot was taken after Fairfax went to the cops. Fairfax probably got scared when he realized that he was partnering up with an unstable person and was afraid the two of them would get caught. The cops called in the FBI and Fairfax was trained to wear a wire and get Ed to discuss the murder while the tape was on.

According to the FBI Affidavit, Fairfax told the FBI that six months ago Edgar told Fairfax that he had a list of people he wanted killed, especially his wife and her mother.

Steele gave Fairfax some money to do the killings and make it look like an accident. Steele promised more money when the job was done.

Wednesday June 9th Fairfax talked to Steele in Steele's barn wearing a body recording device.

Thursday June 10th Fairfax talked to Steele again wearing a body recording device.

The murder was planned for Friday, June 11th but he was arrested instead.

A couple of days later Cindi found the bomb under her car and the cops realized Larry Fairfax had not told them that he had planted this bomb and neglected to tell them so he was arrested as well.

By the way, Steele was not a criminal defense lawyer, but a civil lawyer. No wonder he was not able to defend Matt Hale.

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