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What is the precedent for such a frameup as Steele alleges? Who has ever invoked the Mission Impossible defense before a legitimate civilian court? (Again I say: O.J. Simpson is not an acceptable response.)
Here's some 'precedent' for you. Early 1970s, Wounded Knee.

After a nine-month trial, Chief Judge Fred J. Nichols of the Federal District Court of South Dakota dismissed all of charges against Russell Means and Dennis Banks, the two leaders of the American Indian Movement occupation of Wounded Knee, on grounds of governmental misconduct. Six charges had been dismissed earlier for reasons of legal insufficiency and the failure of the prosecution to present enough evidence to warrant submission to a jury. During the course of the trial, Judge Nichols found, among other things, that the FBI had altered or suppressed key documents, committed illegal electronic surveillance, and had probably persuaded law enforcement officials in River Falls, Wisconsin, to drop rape and sodomy charges proffered against the government’s star witness. Moreover, he stated from the bench that the special agent in charge of the Minnesota Division of the FBI (which covers three states, including South Dakota) had perjured himself on the witness stand. At one point the judge took the unprecedented step of impounding all FBI files when it was discovered that many important documents crucial to the defense had been suppressed and altered versions had instead been submitted to the Court. In addition, the Court pointed out that the prosecution had presented one witness who claimed he had observed the defendants commit incriminating acts in Wounded Knee at a time when he was, himself, a prisoner in the Pine Ridge Reservation Jail.
Did the FBI have a court order for the electronic surveillance of Steele?

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