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Originally Posted by Contumacyman View Post
Instead of not wanting to scrutinize that original tape, Ed is probably biting at the bit to get his own experts to go over it with a fine tooth comb.
It seems to me that the exchange between Steele and his wife is all about authentication. He is instructing his wife to refuse to authenticate the recording so that it cannot be admitted as evidence. This directly contradicts your suspicion that he is eager to have his own experts examine the recording.

I'll remember Contumacyman's supposition that the recording will somehow be lost before the trial. This looks like a retreat into fantasy to me. Based on FAITH in Steele's innocence, we shall assume whatever we must in order to defend our faith.

I on the other hand would bet my wisdom teeth that the recording will not be lost. I never would have expected Steele to do something like this, but it's an important lesson of life that people can fool you sometimes.

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