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An all female jury, especially if more than three are niggers or jews, isn't good for Mr. Steele. Women are emotional and have this uncanny ability to completely ignore logic and reason.

He's screwed and that comes from my experience in front of five juries myself. Only lost two of those thankfully but paid for daring defend my Rights.

That said, my first jury trial had several women on it but the foreman was a man with common sense. He kept the women in line and I was acquitted of all charges brought by two park kwops who later lost their jobs.

You see, those kwops allowed me into a secure jail for over an hour with me being fully armed. :-)) They didn't frisk me adequately before taking me inside where they first had to lock up their pistols. I had a Glock .40 S&W with 14 rounds on me the whole time. Kwops aren't known for their intelligence are they?

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