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Originally Posted by FBI, via AP
FBI said Steele soiled himself when confronted with murder-for-hire plot
Gotta love FBI/DoJ courtroom tactics.

Having served on a federal jury, I'll say this: At the point the US Attorney rests, one has to be a strongminded individual not to close one's mind completely to the possibility of the accused's innocence. Most White jurors, at that point, would convict Mother Theresa.

You walk in a big, granite building. You're metal detected and frisked by very serious, armed guards. You enter a (in my case spartan) courtroom (dominted by a US flag draped on the wall). Everyone is (absurdly) super-serious. And everyone in the courtroom but the accused is on the dole of the people prosecuting the case, including, of course, the judge, prosecution, and FBI, but even the jurors with their per diem and indirectly the defense attorneys, who make their living in that room and likely aren't going to pull out all the stops for the accused, since that could cut their future earn.

And in a political case like this, the prosecution is essentially in cahoots with the jewish media who are running stories about how you (supposedly) shit in your pants.