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This is what White people do when they work together. We become exponentially more than the sum of our parts. Look at the list of different tradespeople they recruited. With just a handful of men from the local community, they delivered justice far more efficiently than any court in the world. These guys working together defeated NYC's most powerful and rich Jews combined. Imagine what all the White electrical and computer experts could do if they worked together. White people invented all this modern technology - UNIX, the Internet, databases, etc. We could bring it all down in a flash. Everything runs over the Internet now. No internet = no supply networks = ZOG army grinds to a halt. Just something to think about.

Knights of Mary Phagan

The commutation drove Tom Watson to new heights of ferocity.[45] He wrote in the pages of The Jeffersonian and Watson's Magazine: "This country has nothing to fear from its rural communities. Lynch law is a good sign; it shows that a sense of justice lives among the people."[46] A group of prominent men organized themselves into the "Knights of Mary Phagan," openly planning to kidnap Frank from prison. They recruited between 25 and 28 men with the necessary skills; an electrician was to cut the prison wires, car mechanics were to keep the cars running, and there was a locksmith, a telephone man, a medic, a hangman, and a lay preacher.[47] The ringleaders were well-known locally, but were not named publicly until June 2000, when a local librarian posted a list on the Web, based on information compiled by Mary Phagan's great-niece.[48]