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Default Well bless her heart because, in my opinion, she's on the right side of this issue...

[My apologies for the headline: Judge Lynn Winmill is apparently a "him" rather than a "her."

The feds arguably manage one third of the nation's land and they cave-in to short-term thinkers desperate for revenue to pay the interest on the national debt. Solve the international banking and associated political corruption problem, as suggested by Ron Paul, and everyone's lives will be more economical/ecological. "Everything's connected to everything else."]

Federal court decision puts BLM plans in 6 Western states in question

"A federal judge in Idaho gave Western Watersheds Project an early victory in a lawsuit challenging 18 Bureau of Land Management's resource plans in Idaho, Nevada, California, Utah, Wyoming and Montana.

"U.S. District Court Judge B. Lynn Winmill said that the BLM's plan in southwest Wyoming failed to adequately address the cumulative impact oil and gas development had on sage grouse; and ruled that the BLM's plan for an Idaho national monument erroneously did not include a grazing ban as an option, even though data indicated that sage grouse numbers had dropped by 36 percent in the past 25 years and that grazing played a role.

"The overall effect of Winmill's decision is not yet known, and a status conference is scheduled between the parties on Oct. 27. "

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