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Originally Posted by Hadding View Post
Sorry, I just don't see any reason to lie for Steele, especially since the Feds' case is solid and evidence for the Mission Impossible story is nonexistent. Lying at this point just makes you look like ... a liar. Steele would be better off if he'd told the truth and if people like you hadn't encouraged him to keep lying.
I never encouraged Steele to lie the first time, certainly not to keep doing so.

Naturally, you won't cite a source because you can't. Pieces of shit like you never can.

I'd just as soon not be in your cadre of liars that don't know when to quit, thank you very much.
Like all crud, you brand others as being what you manifestly are.

I haven't decided about you, Hadding. Are you a kike? Or are you Covington? Or, as is so often the case, do you just have the same shitty personality characteristcs of those to whom you're attracted, albeit as a nominal enemy?

". . .at this point. . " ". . .don't know when to quit. . ."

At this point, you're rehashing something from a fortnight ago, which reveals you've been stewing about it since then. I must have 'gored your ox,' to use one of the tortured constructions you've laid on others who have crossed you. Obviously, Steele falls into that category, as you continue to post here, out of spite, long after he's been put in prison. It's not just politically stupid, it's unhealthy.

It's uncanny how you alienate everyone you come in contact with--just on a messageboard. That really takes some doing. Congratulations.

Shouldn't you be out with your microscope and fork looking for delicious Covington droppings to expose, when no one would have known anything about them if not for your mentioning?

When I see your crap, Hadding, I'm reminded of something I saw on Usenet over a decade ago. This was before I knew the principals of this non-movement. Some 'anti-racist' wrote "Harold Covington is the Nazi none of the other Nazis like."

That fits you to a T.