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Angry Red Herrings in the Rant

Originally Posted by -JC View Post
A month later, Peven was to tell me (among others) of his extreme dissatisfaction about the Federal Prosecutor (Traci Whelan) knowing about all my pre-trial strategies and tactics. Said Peven, huffily: “You might as well call Traci Whelan first and tell her everything, because she hears about it before I do.” Peven was annoyed that I was interviewing lawyers to take over the case from him. Peven cited to me some defense strategies I never discussed on the phone with as well as Mac’s late entry of appearance and intent to ask for a continuance. Mac had discussed his strategy with me in our personal meetings in the Spokane County Jail Visiting Booths, which proved that the Feds were listening in to my meetings with Mac just before he filed to formally represent me! Mac never told me a thing about it, either (and, yes, in weeks to come, I will have a great deal to say about Mac’s incredible misrepresentation of me, both prior to and during that trial).
This is a red herring. What damage did it do for the Feds to know what the defense strategy would be? It was incompetent from the start. Why didn't Steele fire McAlister on the spot? The answer of course is that Steele is crazy.


Earlier that same day, the judge had flip-flop-in ruling that my key witness, forensic sound expert Dr. George Papcun, would not be allowed to testify he could be in court absolutely no later than 8:30 the very next morning, an impossibility, as Judge Winmill well knew, because Dr. Papcun was, at the moment, on the other side of the earth, in Tahiti. Dr. Papcun was preparing for his satellite video uplink testimony the next day just as the judge previously had said.
The defense had known for weeks that their supposed expert had a vacation scheduled in Bora Bora which could conflict with the trial. Papcun NEVER said that the recordings were faked. There were hundreds of capable experts on this subject across the country and they picked this loser. It also does no good to get an expert if the recordings are authentic.

The judge would allow video testimony only if the link was reliable without freezing up and it was tested ahead of time. The defense failed to get the test done before trial time. This entire issue of the expert not being allowed to testify is bogus. These matters are all clear from the 1,500 pages of the trial transcript.

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