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Default Something that's turned-me-off since 7th grade...

The first time I saw a "hood," a "greaser," whatever one calls them, these days, not only win a fistfight but kick the loser of even someone else's fistfight when when the loser was down, I knew what I didn't like. And I still don't like it.

And it doesn't necessarily follow that one who doesn't like that kind of behavior believes in a victim's innocence, lack of any culpability, what have you, rather it means that one simply supports fair play. How many obviously guilty perpetrators have you seen let-go by The System just because of a technical error? That, I believe, is primarily what's being objected-to even by Steele, at this point.

Claim you're just trying to help get Ed Steele out of jail because he's "crazy?" A brief explanation of exactly what you've been doing, including how forum readers could verify your claims, would be YOUR case.

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