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Default Can't confirm this noise from the Free Edgar Steele link Mr. Pauly simply re-posted...

But what's important is getting some emotional support to Mr. Steele. Who knows, a Presidential pardon might be in the offing.
Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
According to Steele's website at http://www.free-edgar-steele.com/?page_id=22 he has been moved to Nevada.

Edgar James Steele #1810885
Nevada Southern Detention Center
2190 E. Mesquite Avenue
Pahrump, Nevada 89060

This seems to be a privately owned contract prison see http://www.cca.com/facility/southern...ention-center/ . I corrected a typo in the above address.

The official government website http://www.bop.gov/iloc2/InmateFinde...astName=Steele shows him to be in Victorville, California.

1. EDGAR JAMES STEELE 14226-023 66-White-M 01-01-2054 VICTORVILLE USP