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Angry Cyndi's Letter to Idaho Senator

-JC has not woken up to the fact that Cyndi has sent out a newsletter. I will not post it because he will duplicate it. That news letter is likely overblown. This letter from Cyndi to Idaho Senator Crapo gives some new data on Steele's medical condition.

BTW, the Superfund Cleanup website says that the risk of human exposure at George AFB is over. I have grave doubts that hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel would have been dumped into the water table. That is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and would have been used a fuel in aircraft. The water likely is Victorville municipal water and would therefore be drunk by everyone in the area outside of the prison.



January 2, 2012

Dear Senator Crapo,

It has been brought to my attention that you are well aware of the dangers to prisoners at the US Penitentiary located in Victorville, CA. That you know it originally was the George Air Force base and that when they abandoned it, they dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel in the ground water table. Thus prisoners and employees alike are being exposed to jet fuel, which when ingested or placed on the skin (showers) over prolonged periods, causes astrocytoma, a deadly form of cancer. Astrocytoma builds tumors on the spine and in the brain and people will die from this cancer.

You may recall assisting Karla Fuller with a compassionate release from prison after there was no medical way she could survive the astrocytoma. Unfortunately, by the time any action was taken, it was too late for her and she died within a year. Prisoners may deserve their punishment of being imprisoned, but they do not deserve to be exposed to poisonous agents that
will kill them. For that matter, neither do employees that work at the facility.

This now has become a particular interest of mine, since my husband, a resident of Idaho and constituent of yours, has just been moved to this prison. Now, I would like to go into the details of why my husband has been falsely convicted on charges he did not commit by illegal government and judicial misconduct. However, it is through the higher courts that we will fight to win his rightful freedom. Besides, if you have any interest in him receiving justice, you can visit www.free-edgar-steele.com for all the details.

I am Cyndi Steele and my husband is Edgar Steele. Whether you know anything about my husband, his political views and/or his case, I have no idea. He always proclaimed “Equal rights for all and special rights for none.” For exercising his Constitutional right to freedom of speech, he was falsely prosecuted with charges of Murder-for-hire , which is the Justice
Department’s preferred way of eliminating political dissidents. Yes, my husband is a political prisoner. I ask that you put aside any formed opinions you might have and help, at a minimum, to get my husband designated to a facility where he is not going to be exposed to the cancer causing toxic contaminants at Victorville and put at risk of being killed from cancer (which is
just another way to eliminate a political opponent).

My husband’s health is fragile. He is 66 years old and has already had a bout with cancer, which thankfully he beat with treatment. Plus, during the six months prior to his arrest, he was inflicted with four other medical issues: 1) an aortic aneurysm that the doctors brought him back from the dead, 2) an elective surgery to correct symptoms caused from his cancer, 3) a hernia surgery and 4) a nasal aneurysm, which necessitated emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. In the past 19 months he has suffered from constant headaches, which besides stress, is caused by the titanium clips implanted to stop the nasal aneurysm bleeding and that he was never able to receive the follow-up treatment.

Then when entering the BOP in SeaTac last month he was diagnosed as being anemic. Plus he has lost a considerable amount of weight. I am asking you as our U.S. Senator, to help in getting my husband re-designated to a facility that doesn’t expose him to cancer causing dangerous, contaminated water. Preferably, I request the facility in Sheridan, OR (which was designated by Judge Winmill, but has not been followed by the Department of Justice), since that facility would put the least amount of hardship on me and our family as we visit him and attempt to develop his appeal. The cost to my family has already been astronomical, mentally and financially. Ultimately to get him to a facility that doesn’t threaten his health, such that when he does win his freedom through the higher courts, he can come home healthy in order to put our family back together.

In addition, I encourage you to pursue this issue with the Senate and House for all prisoners and personnel that are being condemned to an early death by being sentenced to the prison at Victorville, CA . The most inhumane aspect is that prisoners are forced to endure this exposure and the deadly consequences from the Toxic, cancer causing Jet Fuel contaminated water. It is as if they have been condemned to a slow death versus the quick death by injection, but it is a death penalty all the same. Yes, the death penalty is the end of life, but even here the system has gone to great lengths to ensure that the death was humane; quick and painless.

Where the slow death prisoners incur at Victorville is one of the most painful, tortured and inhumane sentences known to man as it is deliberate exposure to a known cancer causing substance. Please help put a stop to people being exposed to the contaminants at Victorville. There is enough suffering in the world from natural causes. No human should have to suffer by any kind of force.


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