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Default Thanks for alerting me to posts by those I consider trolls and "Ignore," I suppose...

Reference the previous three posts by Donald Pauley and particularly his vehement assertions of fact that are in direct conflict with what he quotes as authorities. The e-mail posting that Mr. Pauley failed to post, blaming me for his not posting it and probably attempting to discourage me from posting it is, to the best of my knowledge, not available elsewhere online. If I thought the e-mail was important then I'd have posted it but I think it is more important to attempt to focus this thread and anyone interested in e-mail from www.Free-Edgar-Steele.com can sign-up for such private e-mail postings without having to endure Mr. Pauley's at least self-important and maybe malicious editorializing.

Regarding the issues raised by Cindi Steele in her most current post, water quality/cancer and other risk concerns, at least I'm aware that I'm not qualified to voice an opinion. However, I know that environmental impact studies, whether drafted by government employees or contractors, e.g., WIRTH ASSOCIATES, http://books.google.com/books/about/Environmental_impact_report_A_P_S_transm.html?id=NtxsHQAACAAJ, were at one time usually drafted by young, idealistic employees whose only conflicts of interest were probably their careers. Such reports were undoubted at least reviewed prior to acceptance for publication by more politicized management that has an interest in the impact of the report itself on the direction of the agency/business involved.

As a starting point to understanding some of these issues, I encourage anyone interested in this groundwater contamination subject to view the dramatized but relatively accurate video, Erin Brochovich http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0195685/.

Here's what a subdivision of the Centers for Diseases control, quoted as a source by Mr. Pauley as authority but either not read, not understood, or deliberately misrepresented by him, had to say about the PG&E releases at Hinkley:

ATSDR - Press Release - 1/31/2001 - ATSDR Releases ...
o ATSDR Releases Public Health Assessment For The Pacific Gas and Electric Site In Hinkley, California. Hinkley County, Hinkley, California ...
ATSDR-PHA-HC-Pacific Gas and Electric Facility-p1
o Lead, Nitrate, Mercury and Chromium Levels in Water from Private Domestic Wells near the Pacific Gas and Electric Facility in Hinkley, California. ...
ATSDR-PHA-HC-Pacific Gas and Electric Facility-p-toc
o Nitrate, Lead, Thallium and Chromium Levels in Water from Private Domestic Wells near the Pacific Gas and Electric Facility in Hinkley, California. ...
ATSDR - Public Health Assessments & Health Consultations ...
o Nitrate, Mercury and Chromium Levels in Water from Private Domestic Wells near the Pacific Gas and Electric Facility in Hinkley, California [HTML], ...

Cindy Steele, et al., may be grasping at straws, as I might be under the circumstances. Again, I'm in no position to judge and I certainly don't have an agenda or opinion on Mr. Steele's guilt or innocence. I am however troubled by both Mr. Pauley's ongoing energy, apparent dishonesty, and attempts to prejudice others on these subjects. For example:

http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/hac/pha/PHA.asp?docid=24&pg=1“… OU 2: Jet fuel releases. OU 2 consists of the facility's liquid fuel distribution system. A variety of leaks in this system resulted in an estimated of perhaps as much as a 750,000 to 800,000-gallon plume of jet propellant #4 (JP-4) encompassing an area of over 31 acres, as well as a dissolved-phase plume of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes extending over an area of 121 acres…”


“Trichloroethylene mainly affects the central nervous system (the brain), causing headache, nausea, dizziness, clumsiness, drowsiness, and other effects like those of being drunk. TCE can also damage the facial nerves, and it can cause skin rash. Heavy exposure can damage the liver and kidneys. TCE causes cancer in animals and may cause cancer in humans

“… TCE can also be absorbed through your skin, especially with lengthy skin contact or if your skin is cut or cracked.

“Overexposure to TCE mainly affects the central nervous system (the brain). Other symptoms can also occur, as described below… “

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