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Angry Bogus Water Contamination Claim

Karla Fuller got breast cancer shortly after being sentenced to Victorville. Women get breast cancer all of the time. Medical treatment there seems to have been atrocious, but water did not cause her breast cancer. She had an attorney who never made such a claim. He would have smelled money.

This lie makes it impossible for anyone to go to bat for Steele and try to get him moved closer to Idaho. He is held in maximum security lockup which may reduce the number of options for prisons. Many of the posters here have not learned anything from Steele's steamy love letters written from his jail cell to Tatyana Loginova. This whole mess is a GIGANTIC swindle of the White Nationalist Community.

A prison sentence, however, turned out to be only the beginning of her troubles. Her husband died just before she started serving her sentence. And shortly after she arrived at the Victorville federal facility near Adelanto, Calif., she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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