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Originally Posted by Bev View Post
Forgive me for butting in when I'm not really conversant with every fact of this case, but I have a question for Donald. Do you know Edgar Steele? If not, why are you so convinced that he's crazy as a result of heart surgery? His wife doesn't seem to think he is crazy and as the person who presumably knows him better than anyone, I'd have thought she'd be ideally placed to be able to make a judgment on whether his sanity deteriorated after the surgery.
I don't hesitate to disrupt your politics and you shouldn't hesitate to disrupt ours. A view from afar is frequently necessary to see what cannot be discerned up close.

First, you have your work cut out for you to read the 120 pages of this thread. I cannot figure this out myself. Initially I believed Steele was framed. As evidence trickled in, it became clear that he had gone insane as a result of surgery and his wife was either deluded or lying about it.

Let's assume that your husband was in jail on charges of trying to blow you up with a pipe bomb. If he wrote steamy love letters from his jail cell to his Ukrainian girl friend, would you think that he was crazy? If he wrote 14,000 emails over a five month period while recovering from aorta surgery to perhaps 50 Ukrainian women, would that give you any more clues?

Read my motion denied by the court at http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?p=1336079#2324 and see if this makes more sense to you. There are several possibilities. My best guess is that Steele has convinced his wife that he is innocent in spite of all the damning evidence to the contrary. I have personally written her and explained these matters if full detail. At that point she ceased to reply.

Steele's supporters have been swindled out of $122,000 (75,000) which was squandered on a worthless now disbarred lawyer. Worse yet is the lie that he has been framed. He deserves medical help, not to be locked up in prison for the rest of his life.