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Default Bev, there is another perspective on this case...

Sometimes reasonable-sounding, sometimes prepubescent name-calling, Mr. Pauly, is the self-appointed spokesman for Mr. Steele, including persuming to petition the court and anyone else who will listen with the "Guilty by reason of being 'crazy as a shithouse rat' defense."

Never mind that "You can still be prosecuted if you have some form of mental illness," said a First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg in another case in which there is little doubt as to previously diagnosed schitzophrenia of an actual murderer and cannibal. "The test is if you understand the difference between right and wrong; the question is whether or not you know your act is wrong."

Defense attorneys can request competency hearings to determine whether a defendant is fit to stand trial.

Ed Steele maintained prior to this incident that he was researching his next book and that he has been investigating the so called Russian bride business-- big business.

For a shorter version than reading this entire thread try http://nationalvanguard.org/2011/02/edgar-steele-case-prosecution-grasping-at-straws/

And other articles published later may be accessed through links on this and the previous page http://nationalvanguard.org/2011/05/judge-excludes-experts-jury-convicts-steele/

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