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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
I don't hesitate to disrupt your politics and you shouldn't hesitate to disrupt ours. A view from afar is frequently necessary to see what cannot be discerned up close.

First, you have your work cut out for you to read the 120 pages of this thread. I cannot figure this out myself. Initially I believed Steele was framed. As evidence trickled in, it became clear that he had gone insane as a result of surgery and his wife was either deluded or lying about it.

Let's assume that your husband was in jail on charges of trying to blow you up with a pipe bomb. If he wrote steamy love letters from his jail cell to his Ukrainian girl friend, would you think that he was crazy? If he wrote 14,000 emails over a five month period while recovering from aorta surgery to perhaps 50 Ukrainian women, would that give you any more clues?

Read my motion denied by the court at http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?p=1336079#2324 and see if this makes more sense to you. There are several possibilities. My best guess is that Steele has convinced his wife that he is innocent in spite of all the damning evidence to the contrary. I have personally written her and explained these matters if full detail. At that point she ceased to reply.

Steele's supporters have been swindled out of $122,000 (£75,000) which was squandered on a worthless now disbarred lawyer. Worse yet is the lie that he has been framed. He deserves medical help, not to be locked up in prison for the rest of his life.

Based on just this question about what I would do, I would decide he was probably as guilty as sin and cheer on any sentence he got.

The lawyer swindling the defence fund is a crying shame but is there some significance as to whether this makes Mr Steele nutty or not? Maybe - being in the trade - he should have known the guy wasn't the best and chosen a better one but could he find one that was willing to represent a WN?

If he is mentally ill as a result of the surgery, then he does of course deserve to be in a hospital, not a prison.
Originally Posted by -JC View Post
Sometimes reasonable-sounding, sometimes prepubescent name-calling, Mr. Pauly, is the self-appointed spokesman for Mr. Steele, including persuming to petition the court and anyone else who will listen with the "Guilty by reason of being 'crazy as a shithouse rat' defense."

Never mind that "You can still be prosecuted if you have some form of mental illness," said a First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg in another case in which there is little doubt as to previously diagnosed schitzophrenia of an actual murderer and cannibal. "The test is if you understand the difference between right and wrong; the question is whether or not you know your act is wrong."

Defense attorneys can request competency hearings to determine whether a defendant is fit to stand trial.

Ed Steele maintained prior to this incident that he was researching his next book and that he has been investigating the so called Russian bride business-- big business.

For a shorter version than reading this entire thread try http://nationalvanguard.org/2011/02/edgar-steele-case-prosecution-grasping-at-straws/

And other articles published later may be accessed through links on this and the previous page http://nationalvanguard.org/2011/05/judge-excludes-experts-jury-convicts-steele/
From your link:

The government knows that, as my husband’s legal assistant, I was fully aware that the Ukrainian woman was suspected to be a part of a “Russian-Bride” scam which cheated one of his clients out of thousands of dollars. By communicating with this woman, my husband was working a case to bring down the people involved in stealing from Americans.
Sounds perfectly plausible to me. I imagine he or she can locate client papers that prove they had been hired to chase down or consulted re: this immigrant bride scam, or a client willing to testify the same?

The again, I have to ask, why would the Govt. go to such lengths to set him up, even if he was a WN? Or did they just get it terribly wrong?

I should really read the whole thread and the whole National Vanguard site.
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