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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
This entire case is a laughing stock. The scum bag lawyer should have seen at once that Steele was crazy. He knew that this was the last case that he would ever try and wanted some easy bucks with no risk of being disbarred.

This Ukrainian bride scam is a joke. This was old news 20 years ago. Steele claimed that he was investigating a client of his from Illinois who got swindled out of $4,000 (2,400) by one of them. Our country is coming apart at the seams and Steele worries about this old fool from his near deathbed. If you can't crack that bride scam in 1,000 emails you don't know what you are doing. He claimed to be writing a book on this subject. He couldn't give it away. If you believe him, I own a bridge in Lake Havasu. I will deliver anywhere in the U.K. by air freight for only 10% down.

His wife caught him trolling for women on match.com in 2000 and filed for divorce. She tried to take him for everything but the shirt off his back but she finally dismissed the petition. She is such a forgiving lady to let him do more of that thing these days. Cyndi has told her share of lies in an attempt to get her husband off but every one of them gets him in deeper.

Steele suffered from a somewhat exaggerated sense of self worth and had a bit of a persecution complex even before his aorta blew out and nearly killed him. He was a two bit player on the White Nationalist scene compared to Linder, David Duke, Don Black and Eric Gliebe. This is not meant as an insult. He has done a lot of good work for White Nationalism but he was not a high value target. The government had no reason to frame him. He was half dead after surgery and had only sent out one newsletter in six months.

While the government may well have done some dirty tricks like listening to some of his phone calls to lawyers, none of this is significant. As best as I can tell, the Famous But Incompetent played this one by the book as well as the U.S. Attorney and the judge. I do accuse the U.S. Attorney of knowing that Steele is crazy. However the government is entitled to presume that a defendant is sane. The burden is upon the defendant to prove that he is insane.
You have a very silly premise: That he was "aortically insane", and from there spouts more silliness. No one besides you is making that assertion, not the prosecution, not the wife, not Edgar Steele, not the pipe-bomber FBI informant, not the FBI, not some psychologist, psychiatrist or any doctor at all. Just you. You serve as a study in logical fallacies.

Do you have any medical report that claims he is "aortically insane"? Serious question.

You keep repeating the claim, but if you're serious, please post a link to a medical report. Repetition does not the truth make.