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Default No medical opinion on Steele's alleged sanity by Friend of the Court Pauly...

Roy asked if you had any evidence whatsoever to support your assertion and, instead of providing it, you assign him hours of reading much of which you wrote, then you insult and smear him.

Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
... [Got nothing better to do?] Read the last 120 pages of this thread... My motion to vacate judgement is the closest to a medical report and you haven't even read it. Fools like you make the Jews rejoice.

A table of points and authorities from your evidenced motion to vacate could simply be posted by you here. My guess is that not being a party to the matter, the court didn't dignify your alleged amicus curae filing with anything more than a "Received" stamp on your copy, but a scan that would be sufficient to satisfy me you at least briefed it.

Interesting that you consider Ed Steele a self-important, two-bit WN. You familiar with the psych term "projection?"

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