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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
I sounds like that you haven't read my motion. It covers these matters in detail. The literature on pump head is vast. The average open heart surgery patient loses 15 IQ points. That is the intelligence difference between a White man and a Negro.
I did read it. I then went to read about "pump head" or Postperfusion syndrome myself. I found:

says lead study author James Slater, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Atlantic Health System in Morristown, N.J. Slater says the amount of cognitive decline varies; some patients have a tough time concentrating, others have trouble with memory and learning. Slater recalls, for instance, a onetime crossword whiz who, post-surgery, could no longer do The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle.
h t t p://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=can-open-heart-surgery-make-you-dim-2009-01-09


Now, he cries alot and, to both mine and my aunt's dismay, he's become very morbid. He talks often about his own imminent death as if it's a foregone conclusion. Just this past week during our Christmas visit, he pulled me aside on two occasions and asked me, in grave tones, if I would accept the responsibility of being the "keeper of the family history after [he's] gone", and made me promise to be like a daughter to my aunt "during the twenty or so years she'll be around after [his] death."

His cardiologist has attributed this change in his temperament to "Pump-Head Syndrome".
h t t p://ask.metafilter.com/79703/PumpHead-Syndrome

There are many more, but I chose two of the most recent - one from an expert and one from a relative. So whilst it appears it can change the cognitive functions as far as memory retention and emotional wellbeing goes (and frankly, any serious illness can make one have morbid thoughts and dwell on the prospect of their imminent passing), it doesn't seem to indicate that it can turn someone into a would-be murderer.

Had you read the 1500 pages of the transcript like I had, you would see that there could have been NO doubt in the jury's mind that Steele did what he was accused of. They should have returned a not guilty by insanity verdict without being asked. However it was the job of Steele's lawyer to point out that he was insane.
I freely admit that I haven't and will have to trust your judgment and opinion on that.

I think that Steele is lying about a client from Illinois. In any event he sent 14,000 emails while he was recovering from surgery and failed to crack the case. The truth is that he was obsessed with Ukrainian women because he was crazy.
The same surgery which gave him the Postperfusion syndrome? Have the contents of and replies to these emails been made public? If he was suffering from this Postperfusion syndrome, couldn't it be possible that this is what impaired his ability to send coherent and ordered emails, thus solving the case?

Though if there is no known record of the Illinois client, I admit that is odd.

Do you have a specific and reliable source that states Postperfusion syndrome can turn someone from a normal person into a would-be murderer?
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