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Originally Posted by Fred View Post
I had some heart surgery last year. I even died briefly. Most of my friends and business associates have said the same thing to me. That I have changed. My memory is mot nearly as it was. I have trouble solving problems with my work. I still get them solved it just seems to take me much longer. I don't feel the same.

My surgery was quite minor compared to Edgars.
For the enlightenment of the Whiggers that infest this thread, I repost this from a regular forum member about his brain damage from heart surgery. Bev's internet search merely scratches the surface. The hundreds of thousands of heart bypass operations each year in this country merely reduce chest pain.

There is no increase in longevity for heart bypass operations unless life style changes for exercise and better diet. It keeps the surgeons in new BMWs at a cost of reduced IQ for each patient. This is a dirty little secret in heart surgeon's locker rooms. Steele's surgery was a thousand times more dangerous than the above poster's. The mini-strokes produced affect the brain in subtle ways.