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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post
Your response would be the correct knee jerk response of a typical jilted wife. As smart as you are, you would have eventually realized that this was not the correct assessment. If your husband had tried to blow you up with a pipe bomb, he would have been smart enough to wait until after the trial to write steamy love letters to his Ukrainian honey.
It's the presence of the emails that made me have that reaction. Without them, I would be 99.99% sure that the bomb was either meant for someone else or that someone else had planted it and the police had the wrong person.

*IF* I had known of the investigation into the bride scam or the book or whatever, I would have tried to present evidence to the police that this wasn't a motive, but an ongoing - if not very adept - investigation.

There are AT LEAST 10 separate proofs that Steele is crazy as a shit house rat. As smart as you are, you will figure them out quickly. These proofs are beyond the capability of the Whiggers who post here. They are lemmings who will follow Steele off a cliff.

Cyndi's motives are not clear. My best guess is that insanity is contagious to some extent. She is obsessed with the idea that her husband was framed. Talking to her is like talking to a Christian who believes in the Resurrection. All the evidence to the contrary means nothing to such an individual. I have come up with about three different theories but none of them fits all of the known facts of the case.

Let me make my position clear. The Famous But Incompetent can and do frame people daily, both on the right and left. They also arrest guilty people daily. Judi Bari and Richard Jewell, both of Blessed Memory and Randy Weaver are good examples of being framed. Each got about $3 million apiece.
Yes, I'll have to have a good read through before really making my mind up.

The thing is, for me, almost every defendant I've ever heard of who has as much evidence against him as there must be for you to say you understand that the jury were completely convinced - either claims that they are insane or that they were abused/didn't get an Action Man as a kid as justification.

That he hasn't tried to claim insanity either points to him being stone mad and not knowing it (but why didn't his family and friends persuade him to pull this angle?) or that he genuinely is innocent and a victim of a set-up - but he seems too insignificant a person to set up on this scale.

I should really read the whole thread and transcripts before anything else.
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