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Default I met a fellow who imported a Russian bride...

Originally Posted by Armstrong View Post
If people are interested in Russian or Ukrainian women, there are protocols to be followed. Search the net for them. There's also sites that list known Russian and Ukrainian scammers.....he was not performing 'due diligence' on his own behalf if he was caught up in it.
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Never send money to them if they're asking for passport or flight and travel money, chances are one will never see it again. Or they will be asked for more. lol....As PT Barnum said, this way to the egress....I mean a sucker is born every minute.

Advice has it that one should visit the person, woman, in their country and spend some time with them before accepting them into their lives. Who knows what kind of psychotic nutbags one might lovingly welcome at the airport? Even if they show up, there's other scams, like being married for two or three years then taking half the guys property.
I'm pretty sure I told this story previously in these pages. First the chap went to Russia for an open house of sorts at a hotel where he interviewed several that interested him and then went home and corresponded with them. Finally, he chose one, bought her a plane ticket to the States, and married her here.

The short version is that he was a momma's boy, frequently had bad breath, and was not very companionable or he wouldn't have been alone in the first place, would he? The relatively young gal was attractive and articulate but soon tired of living with the probably terminally disgusting middle-aged man and his mother, even though they had quite a bit of money relative to their community and, after she had proved-up her Citizenship, she disappeared without leaving a forwarding address and asked for nothing more than a divorce. Citizenship is arguably enough gold to dig but, in the woman's defense, it is entirely possible that she meant to keep her vow but just couldn't.

Maybe some posting here have watched too many re-runs of Perry Mason. I'd say that even if Ed Steele was getting-off on e-mail sex with a Russian girl(s), and had been trolling for action on domestic dating sites in the past, doesn't mean he wanted to leave much less murder his wife. Motive does not prove crime but is an essential ingredient in a set up. Can you say, "Beyond a reasonable doubt?" Informants get deals and, after they've confessed to a felony, as far as I'm concerned, I'd give them no more credibility than I would any other felon and a jury shouldn't either.

Time to sign-off from this now the Donald Pauly thread unless something meaningful comes up as Bev seems to be taking The Man seriously which will no doubt reinvigorate him. I've been hoping that those on this forum would see the value in applying rules of evidence to even the court of public opinion and call Mr. Pauly on his shit.

In closing, I'd like to reiterate that I've enjoyed Ed's insights and his book, Defensive Racism particularly if for no other reason than I could loan it to anyone and not worry that they'd get angry at me over it. I disagree with Mr. Pauly on Ed's value and believe his book makes the essential case for nationalism.

Please, no one else suggest I take Pauly off "Ignore."

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