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Angry Bogus Victorville Cancer Claim

BTW, it was Cyndi's latest bogus claim about Victorville being a cancer death trap that reinvorated me, not Bev's posts. It is refreshing to have posters like her here with IQs above room temperature Celsius. Bev has put the Whiggers here on their best behavior (behaviour to her).

Virginia Abernethy is History Professor Emeritus at Vanderbilt University. This letter comes from her list. It shows that Cyndi's claim about the water at her husband's prison is bogus. In fairness to her, she may not know any better. She has likely talked to her husband who may have repeated the prevailing old wives tale circulating among inmates there. By having people write nutty letters to their Idaho senators she merely digs her husband in deeper all the time.

I have redacted the email address here but will provide it by PM to anyone having the need to know.

From: Mark Cat
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: Victorville death prison protest, 1/5/2012, from Cyndi Steele

This is really tragic for Ed and his family.

However, I must take this with a grain of salt.

I lived on George AFB for seven years, and both of my sons were born there. I worked in industrial engineering and it was part of my job to do real property surveys and inventories on these fuel storage systems. We had to report to the BLM quarterly on any potential hazardous conditions, and Iím certain the the USAF environmental health did NOT allow hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel to leak into the water table. I assure you the EPA was there during the closure and break down of all those fuel tanks and I cannot for the life of me believe that ONE GALLON, let alone hundreds of thousands were either intentionally or unintentionally leaked into the water table there.

I have photos of the base (or what is left of it) that I took five years ago when we were passing through So. Cal. The prison Ed is in is now located just across the street from GAFB, on the Southern side of GAFB. The land slope there is a distinct south Ė north slope, going AWAY from the prison and with a distinct, then dramatic slope down to the Mojave River basin, which also runs parallel with the entire north-easterly boundaries of GAFB. I can tell you that it would be physically impossible for jet fuel to flow UP the water table and across the road to where the prison is now located from the former GAFB.

Sorry, but I canít buy this part about the contaminated water table cause cancer among those patients. There is even a town located just down the road from the prison, within ľ mile that would be easily as susceptible to contamination had there been any. And we are talking about California, one of the strictest EPA enforcement states in the country.