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Angry Letter to Cyndi About Her Crazy Husband.

This letter from me to Cyndi has never been published. I have redacted the email addresses but they will be provided by PM to anyone with a need to know. There has been no reply to this letter.

Bev is a dog lover and gets all excited about fox hunting. She will appreciate the reference here to hunting dogs.

From: Donald E. Pauly
Date: Thu, May 19, 2011 at 7:02 AM
Subject: Getting Your Husband Out of Jail
To: Cyndi Steele, "Donald E. Pauly"


I know how to get your husband out of jail. You can do it by yourself
with little or no money. There is time to pull it off before
sentencing on 22 August. First we need to have a little heart to
heart talk. I initially believed that your husband had been framed
by the government.

I correctly predicted that the defense lawyers would lead your husband
down the road to ruin but I see a bit of hope. They have plundered
the $108,000 raised by his supporters and made matters worse. That
$108,000 would be really handy right now. Your husband would have
been far better off with his so called public defender. Pevin would
have essentially offered no defense. Your husband would have been
convicted and have been in far better conditions in a Federal prison
months ago. At least Pevin would not have insulted the intelligence
of the jury and they might not have returned a guilty verdict on all

I want you to pay careful attention to what I have to say here. I have
put AT LEAST a hundred hours of my time in trying to help out and
provide current updates on VNN. As a general rule, updates were
available on VNN within an hour of their being posted in the
Judenpresse or on your website.

A traditional appeal is doomed. The defense made itself into a
laughing stock when their supposed audio expert was in Bora Bora on a
tropical vacation. The jury must have gotten quite a laugh out of
that one. Your husband should sue both of his lawyers for
malpractice. The only new point of interest that I know of is your
accusation that the tapes that you heard last July were not the same
ones played for the jury. That was not followed up on. My guess is
that they may have been a lower quality copies but were the same
recordings. An appeal based on ineffective counsel is virtually
certain to result in a new trial but that will not really solve the

When I wrote your husband in the Spokane jail, the letter that I got
back convinced me that the FBI was answering his mail. I posted it
on your Facebook page and you refused to look at it because you were
terrified of the no contact order. That cost valuable time. His
letter to Ingri Cassel was known to be authentic and it had the
identical type of pad, envelope, and handwriting. I then concluded
that the letter to me was authentic and that he had gone crazy. This
was two weeks after his arrest and there had been a reasonable amount
of time for him to get over the trauma. I am prepared to prove this
to your complete satisfaction.

You may not understand what really happened here. I am not a shrink
and I have a good deal of contempt for that Jew science. There is
some truth in it however. As best as I can determine, the risk/reward
center of your husband's brain has been severely and permanently
damaged as an result of his aorta surgery. He may appear totally
normal in most respects but be completely crazy in others. I served
as pilot and video consultant to famous heart surgeon Ted Dietrich in
Phoenix for over 10 years. I have personally watched him do heart
bypass surgery and run video on dozens of others.

The brain is full of capillaries the size of a hair. Red blood cells
have to pass thru them in single file. The slightest foreign object or
clot permanently blocks the vessel and all downstream neurons die.
This brain damage is highly specialized and may not be obvious to
those who do not know the patient. For example, the patient might
forget how to solve a quadratic equation but still be able to do
integral calculus. A patriot might turn into a bleeding heart liberal.
He might forget one language but remember another.

This surgery was far more dangerous than common heart bypass surgery
because his aorta had ruptured an hour or so before surgery. Clots had
plenty of time to dislodge and travel to his brain. The surgeon who
had to clean up the mess cannot be blamed for further damage. You can
read my complete post on this subject at
http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?p=1238487 . A complete brain scan
MIGHT show up the damaged areas of his brain but they could be too
small to resolve. Only a COMPLETE and thorough mental exam can
determine the extent of the damage. The one done in jail was likely
far too small to do the job. There is no shame in this and no one is
to blame.

There is quite a bit more to go into but I am not going to do so
unless I have your attention and you want to hear what I have to say.
Time is short and lawyers are not the way to go. Being married to a
lawyer doesn't mean that you know much about them. A good dog is
wonderful for hunting, but you don't give the gun to the dog. Lawyers
are useful ONLY if they are kept under a tight rein. I am very
impressed with Mr Hoyt but he is the only one out of the bunch to whom
I would give the time of day.

Donald E. Pauly
Las Vegas

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