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Default While not a certified transcript, as required for evidence, here's what's posted...

They don't take all that long to read. Take notes and search for terms when you need to go back. Perhaps I'm not seeing something here but I'm giving it the old college try. Read what Mrs. Steele had to say about the motive for the correspondance, as Ed Steele claimed in postings before the fact, which you can locate using the "find" function and the word "ruse."

day1.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:33 752k
day2.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:34 668k
day3.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:36 644k
day4.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:37 736k
day5.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:38 784k
day6.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:39 224k
day7.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:40 564k
day8.pdf 28-Nov-2011 11:31 104k

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