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Originally Posted by America First View Post

Edgar Steele and the National Defense Authorization Act

(Commentary by BATR - Breaking All The Rules
Includes links to
posted on takeourworldback.com
Edgar J. Steele... Did the ADL Set Him Up?
posted on Rumormillnews)

The case of attorney Edgar J. Steele is a frightening example of the corrupt iniquity of the state
and the lengths taken to destroy one man (and his family).
I've just ploughed all the way through that and it was worth it for this bit:

One ploy by Steele's enemies, in their attempts to hold on to the laws of causality, is to propose that Edgar Steele lost his mind, following his medical emergency of November 2009. This would allow them to posit that Steele first organized a "make it look like a murder and an attempted murder" hit in May 2010, forgot about that after the plot failed, then plotted a second "make it look like an accident" contract in June. That could account for Steele's June payment of Fairfax's travel expenses, his repeated statements about having "no second thoughts" and wanting "the plan carried out", and his refusal when arranging the June 11 hit to comment on Fairfax's supposed previous failure. The prosecution's problem is that there is absolutely no evidence that Steele could have forgotten about a first murder-for-hire deal. Thanks to a lucky turn of events, there is no likely etiology for the hypothetical "crazy Steele" condition. Steele remained sitting for 15 minutes, which allowed for extensive clotting at the point of rupture (it was not a "heart attack"). He got to the local hospital emergency room, there was a chopper parked on the roof, and the surgeon's team was waiting and started working on him in the elevator of the receiving facility. People can be clinically dead for, say, 27 minutes under chilled conditions, wake up a few hours later (no "near-death experiences"), and still remember their voicemail code. And the fact that Steele did not suffer sufficient ischemic injury to compromise his brain is confirmed by his 2010 posts on his website, his jailhouse phone calls to his wife and son, and his letter written from jail. These demonstrate that he retains a first-class mind, and could not have planned a murder-for-hire deal, forgotten all about it, and then plotted a new deal with the same hitman two weeks later.

Should Steele's enemies attempt to address their lack of evidence for the "Steele went crazy" thesis, this introduces a delicious irony. They must propose a conspiracy theory in which the jailhouse phone calls were faked, with three actors playing the part of Steele, his wife and son; the penciled letter from Steele out of jail was faked, possibly by one of the previously mentioned actors or perhaps by a fourth person; and one of these three, a fourth or fifth person hacked into his website and posted content that mimicked Steele's old writing style. And to what purpose - so that Steele could be sentenced to twenty or thirty years instead of a few years in a sanatorium? Or as suggested above in the introduction, they could try claiming that Steele's mind had "split" into two Steeles: one who was exactly like the original Steele, and another who was a complete nut case. Both the "two Steeles" theory and the "fake Steele" theory are ruled out by Occam's Razor.
This would seem to indicate that whatever effects he suffered as a result of his heart surgery, loss of faculties wasn't one of them., unless there's a logical explanation which is eluding me at the minute.
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