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Originally Posted by Bev View Post
I've just ploughed all the way through that and it was worth it for this bit:

This would seem to indicate that whatever effects he suffered as a result of his heart surgery, loss of faculties wasn't one of them., unless there's a logical explanation which is eluding me at the minute.
The website is bullocks as you would understand it. We use a more accurate term. The website is a crude attempt by an unknown Steele cheerleader in an attempt to counter this forum.

It is undisputed that Steele wrote 14,000 Emails to Ukrainian women after his first surgery. In 100 days this is 140 emails per day or one every four minutes for a 10 hour day on the computer. Each of the Ukrainian women received at least 10 emails or 100 instant messages.

It is undisputed that he wrote six steamy love letters to Tatyana Loginova from his jail cell. She doesn't speak English and had to have all of his letters translated. This is not a likely candidate for the so called Ukrainian bride scam. He writes in part:

You could, perhaps, go to school in Panama, if you like, or summer school in Ukraine, or we could find you something to do -- work at something, language instructions? Take care of our babies, make love to me, whatever will make you happy. You get to be near friends, family for half of every year. I get the same for three months each year. We both get to be warm for the winter, which can be like a huge, extended vacation each year. Our kids learn both Russian and English as they grow up. It sounds great to me. What do you think, my love?"
He failed to explain these impossible things to the jury by testifying in his own defense.

These are three of probably 20 proofs that he is crazier than a shit house rat. This is the tip of the iceberg. I won't go into the half dozen of his rants written from his jail cell which are full of easily demonstrable lies on undisputed matters. This is a former lawyer for G-d's sake. He has lost all of his ability to lie effectively.

I want to talk to Bev about that bridge that I own in Lake Havasu. I can erect in London or anywhere in the U.K. via air freight for only 10% down.