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Angry Both Steele Lawyers Former Federal Prosecutors

I came across this press release which was missed. It gives a lot more background on Steele's now disbarred and indicted former lawyer McAllister. Cyndi's former lawyer and her husband's present appeal lawyer is Wesley Hoyt. Both Hoyt and McAllister have much in common. Both are former Federal prosecutors and graduates of Loyola University in Chicago.

Could both of them have been bribed or blackmailed to throw the case? The insanity defense is the only possible defense here and I have repeatedly explained this by email to Hoyt. He stopped replying to me as soon as I figured out that Steele was insane. Perhaps it is his job to keep Steele locked up in Federal prison.

These two lawyers want us to believe that they had a Damascus moment and suddenly decided to help out defendants falsely accused by the Federal government. Perhaps they merely smelled money. Inquiring minds want to know.


THE EDGAR STEELE DEFENSE FUND, an Idaho non-profit corporation, announces that Mr. Robert T. McAllister, attorney with offices in Denver, Colorado, who previously was with the U.S. Department of Justice from 1976 through 1983 as the Chief Criminal Deputy for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Districts of Colorado and the Northern District of Illinois, covering the Chicago area, has entered his appearance as lead counsel in the defense of Edgar Steele. Former prosecutor McAllister has chosen as his co-counsel, Mr. Gary Amendola, attorney with offices in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, who has had a distinguished career in the fields of both civil and criminal law and is a past president of the Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Mr. McAllister was initially admitted to practice law in 1974 after having graduated from Loyola University School of Law, Chicago, Ill in 1974. He is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and many U.S. Circuits Courts of Appeal, as well as the Federal District Courts in several states being currently licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Colorado and by invitation, has practiced before the bar of several other states. After an outstanding career as a prosecutor, Mr. McAllister has successfully represented hundreds of individuals who were accused of a variety of crimes, many of whom were acquitted. Of note is the defense of David Mandarich, President of Richmond Homes and Dewi Sukarno, former first lady of Indonesia. He has represented numerous US West executives in protecting their civil rights as well.

Mr. McAllister has a varied civil and criminal practice, which makes him uniquely qualified to represent Mr. Steele as it relates to the accusations that he was supposedly plotting in June 2010 to murder his wife, Cyndi G. Steele and her mother.

Mr. McAllister has conducted numerous visits with Edgar Steele, himself a First Amendment lawyer, who has spent much of his career defending the civil rights of others. Because Mr. Steele has been incarcerated for eight months, the only contact Mr. McAllister has been able to have with him has been through monitored and recorded jail phone calls and meetings at the Spokane County Jail where Mr. Steele has been detained since his arrest on June 11, 2010.

Mr. McAllister has had an opportunity to review the so-called evidence, purported to suggest criminal activity by Mr. Steele and is prepared to launch a full and complete defense on his behalf.

Donations of any size for the defense of Mr. Steele are greatly appreciated and are still being accepted by the Edgar Steele Defense Fund.