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Angry Another Off Topic Post/Steele Mail Update

Originally Posted by -JC View Post
-JC has done another off topic post. He needs to be put on moderation. Here is a bit of information from Steele's website that I missed. Fortunately Steele's rants from jail before sentencing have ceased. This will make it a bit easier on him if he ever gets a new trial. His wife has also ceased her insanity about the prison water supply there being contaminated. This is also a big help.



January 19, 2012
As of 1/19/2012, his address is:
Edgar James Steele –
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. BOX 5300
Adelanto, CA 92301

There is still some uncertainty as to postal mail reaching Mr. Steele. A supportive organization has come forward to ship a bundle of back issues of their publication to him registered. They will report to us if that shipment is not accepted.

Gordon S Watson
February 4, 2012

did that bundle of magazines get accepted into the prison as mail? we need some feedback in order to know if communication is happening. Is Edgar J Steele getting messages out? Where are his current writings?

February 4, 2012

Gordon: Thanks for the reminder. I have just sent an email to Mr. Steele asking what he has received there at V’ville, either literature or correspondence. Will update with his feedback when he replies. Appreciated.