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Angry Cyndi Coming On Hard Times

Cyndi is coming on hard times, with talk of having to sell their ranch. There is a Negro in the woodpile here. Steele had about 6,000 troy ounces of silver at the time of the arrest 18 months ago. That is $180,000 at current prices. Steele's supporters were fleeced out of $120,000 by Cyndi's own admission. I am reminded of the Chester Doles case where $50,000 was collected and then given to his lawyer to plead him guilty.

That $120,000 was supposedly given to the scum sucking now disbarred lawyer McAllister who has now been indicted for money laundering. I understand that the ranch was paid for free and clear. We know that Steele was collecting social security at the time of his arrest. He should have had Part A medicare so his surgery should not have cost him a penny. By Cyndi's own admission, Steele sold of $45,000 (about 3,000 troy ounces) of silver just before he was arrested. That is a sign of insanity to me because silver was climbing rapidly in price at that time. It seems to me that this is the time for a complete audit of where every penny has gone on this case.

Anyone who reads the 1,500 pages of the transcript can come to only one conclusion. If the government's case is accepted as true, it proves BEYOND A DOUBT that Steele was insane. He had never exhibited behavior like this before. I still can't get over the steamy love letters written from his jail cell to his Ukrainian honey Tatyana Loginova. Insanity is contagious to some extent and Cyndi seems to have caught it.

I have begged Cyndi repeatedly to listen to me and admit that her husband had gone crazy from aorta surgery. Her husband is NOT political prisoner. This is a GIANT fraud which has been perpetrated upon the White Nationalist community. Perhaps Cyndi's days of being a kept woman are over. Maybe it is time for her to get a job and suffer like the rest of us.

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