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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Recent Letter to Steele's Wife Cyndi

It looks like that all of the Steele cheerleaders which were beating up on me have forgotten their hero and are going to let him rot in prison. Here is one of my recent letters to Steele's wife. As of this post there has been no reply. I have redacted email addresses and the website URL which has not yet been released to the public. They will be provided by PM to those having a need to know.

I need help in writing material for the website on this case. Anyone able to do so can contact me by PM. If 10% of the effort that was spent on Steele's useless defense is available, we can get him out of prison and the medical help that he needs.


From: Donald E. Pauly
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:44 PM
Subject: Your Bad Phone Manners
To: Cyndi Steele, Donald E. Pauly


That was not very Christian of your to hang up on me yesterday. .From
my letter to you of 19 May, 2011 my reputation as a prophet is
enhanced:"I correctly predicted that the defense lawyers would lead
your husband down the road to ruin but I see a bit of hope. " I have
been trying to make sense of this case since your husbands arrest. I
reckon that I have put 150 hours of my time in it. If the tables were
turned, he wouldn't have given me the time of day. I have a story to
prove this but that is beyond the scope of this letter.

I first believed that your husband had been framed by the Famous But
Incompetent. .My first contact with you was by phone when you were
incapacitated on downers. I then wrote your husband. .His reply
convinced me that the FBI was answering his mail. .He failed to spot
that we were not in the Coast Guard together, recognize your middle
name, recognize your maiden name and recognize your cell phone number.
.You refused to look at the letter when I sent it to your MySpace
page. .The letter was written in a fine line pen. It was my
understanding that inmates were never allowed such pens because they
can be used for .tattoos. .Several other authentication tests failed
in his letter but are beyond the scope of this letter.

Ingri Cassel sent me the letter which she had gotten from your husband
which was known to be authentic. .They were precisely alike. .The
immediate conclusion was that something was seriously wrong with your
husband's head. .As the evidence piled up, it became clear that your
husband was crazy as a shit house rat. .Having experience with heart
surgery, I knew about the brain damage associated with the heart lung
machine. I had no clue that it could be this severe. It is a miracle
that your husband has as many brains left as he does. It is not
particularly amazing that he tried to have you blown up with a pipe
bomb. .Things like that happen every day after surgery like this.

It is beyond argument that your husband is insane and that he did
essentially everything that the government claims that he did. . It
is also beyond argument that he is not responsible for his actions.
The dirty tricks of the government, the behavior of the scumbag
Fairfax, and the behavior of the scumbag McAllister are irrelevant and
immaterial as Perry Mason would say.

Your motives are the chief remaining mystery. I have pondered many
different theories. Insanity is contagious to a certain degree. .Some
of that may have rubbed off on you. .None of these scenarios explain
all of the facts. .Let us examine these theories one at a time. .They
are by NO MEANS the only possibilities.

1.You knew that your husband went crazy after surgery. .He had became
unmanageable and you lost all of your patience when he was arrested.
You decided that he could be put away in prison and turned into a
martyr. .His $1,000 per month social security would have been nice to
keep spending and he would be out of your hair in prison. .You could
continue to collect money from his supporters.

2.You are just as crazy as your husband and believe his crazy tales.
You are used to letting him wear the pants of the family and have no
critical thinking skills. .You trust in lawyers because you were
married to one of them.

3.You are in league with Hoyt for some reason to generate attorney's
fees for him.

4.Hoyt may have been bribed or blackmailed into giving you the bad
advice which you took.

Here is my reasons for rejecting each of these four possibilities:

1.You clearly have dried yourself out from the use of downers. .You
may not have known that social security would stop with imprisonment.
I certainly didn't. .A ballerina is used to performing in public, but
I don't think that you could have been a good enough actress to put on
your press conferences. I couldn't watch you on your radio

2.Your appearances on such shows as Jamie Kelso demonstrates that you
are not stupid and have substantial thinking skills left. .By now, you
should have understood how worthless lawyers can be. .This has not

3.The money has dried up and the interest in both the VNN and
Stormfront forums has lagged. .The grief that Hoyt has been thru has
to be far more than any money that he could have gotten. .His
reputation has also been damaged by associating with this case.
However, I don't know how much of your silver you might have sold off
to pay him if any.

4.As lawyers go, Hoyt seems less dishonest than most. He should take
that remark coming from me as a high complement. .He is a former
Federal prosecutor. . I have read his motion for a new trial and some
of his other cases. .He seems to be highly competent. .There seems to
be no scandal attached to him.

As you can see, none of these scenarios make sense. .You are the
greatest mystery of all. .Rex seems to buy the line that his father
was framed. .Kelsey seems to do so as well. .She made quite an ass of
herself on VNN forum when your website first came on line. .Your
webmaster Latebloomer did so as well and was banned.

There is a simple proof that the Jews were not involved here. I am a
senior editor on Wikipedia and I know how they swarm when one of their
pages is touched. I have been editing your husbands bio there when I
have time. I have had NO problems from them. I won't go into your
husbands insane assertion that an ADL letter was in the hands of a
flunky U.S. Marshall. I have far more respect for Abbie Foxman's
intelligence than to believe that lie.

I have seen your tracks on www.xxxxx.org which has not been
released to the public yet. I haven't had time to work on it I will
eventually give a compete discussion of the case. .This will be a
gathering point for other victims of heart surgery who have suffered
brain damage just like your husband. I will also use it to raise
money to rent an expert shrink for your husband. .Barry Scheck's
Innocence project might like this as well. .The possibilities are
endless. .Money raised will be completely transparent unlike the money
raised thru your website.

I am going to repeat the story about Lyndon Johnson that you did not
take to heart the first time.

[Lyndon Johnson, of Blessed Memory, was once told that he ought to
fire J. Edgar Hoover, also of Blessed Memory. .He replied with a bit
of Texas wisdom:"I'd rather have him inside the tent pissin' out than
outside the tent pissin' in.".]

I would much rather have you inside the tent pissing out. .Because you
wouldn't listen to me, you have made my job 10 times harder but not
impossible. I will do it with or without you. I don't know what your
motives are but it is not right for your husband to be rotting in
prison. .There is an ancient legal principle going back 7,000 years
that you don't punish a crazy man. It is your fault that your husband
is in prison. .Listen to me and help me get him out. .You can sort any
quarrels out between the two of you after we get him out.

You are still continuing with your insanity about the Victorville
water. It is a complete lie and makes you look like a fool. .The
entire town drinks the same water that your husband does. . I will
drink all of it that I can get down, so long as I am allowed to mix it
with a little Jose Cuervo and ice.

Time is of essence. It is possible that further mental deterioration
will take place in his isolation from you in prison. .There is no
shame in his having gone crazy under these conditions. .The same thing
can happen to you or me tomorrow.