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Angry Appeal Update

I missed this update. An appeal due to ineffective counsel is doomed here. Steele was a trained trial lawyer and the government is entitled to presume him to be sane. He failed to fire McAllister and take over the case himself. He therefore went along with all of the incompetence displayed. It will take two years for this to be heard and Steele will rot in prison at least until then. He went insane after aorta surgery and needs medical help, not imprisonment..


Mr. Steele’s appeal? An update, 2/25/20122012 FEBRUARY 25by admin(The following info was submitted for posting here, to update supporters and observers.)The transcripts of all prior hearings were ordered and have been filed with the trial court. Other deadlines are approaching (see below).An appellate attorney has been engaged for Edgar. An appeal will be filed within the time period provided. The appellate dates are as follows:Wed., April 4, 2012, Appellant’s opening brief and excerpts of record are due.Fri., May 4, 2012, Appellee’s (Govt’s) answering brief and excerpts of record are due.An optional reply brief would be due within 14 days after appellee’s brief is served. For good cause, the above dates are subject to modification.