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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Last Letter from Steele's Lawyer

I had explained to Cyndi several times that her husband had gone crazy from aorta surgery and that time was short to take action before he was sentenced. She forwarded my letter to Steele's new lawyer Hoyt who in turn answered it without understanding what was really going on. It is touching to see a lawyer quote scripture. It is even more touching when one of them prays for you. Hoyt has since seen my motion and not replied to it.

Evidence is overwhelming that Steele did essentially everything that the government says that he did. It is also beyond argument that he was insane and not responsible for his conduct. It will be ten times more difficult to get him out of prison now than it would have been before sentencing.

I blame Cyndi for this entire mess because she has to know that her husband went crazy. His steamy love letters from his jail cell to his Ukrainian girlfriend Tatyana Loginova are one of a hundred proofs of his insanity. I fear that she has some unexplained reason for wanting him locked up in prison for life.

I have redacted the email addresses to foil spam harvesting robots. They will be provided by PM to anyone having a need to know.

From: Wesley W. Hoyt
Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 3:13 AM
Subject: Time Is Short-Even Shorter for Edgar Steele
To: Donald Pauly
Cc: Jamie Kelso , Rick Adams-RepBdcastNwork , Clayton Douglas , Deanna Spingola, Rex Rammell

Dear Don:
Cyndi forwarded your email below. Wow, she and I are uncertain what is meant in your missive as you are usually very clear in your statements; but let me walk you through the "Nightmare" that has been ours and maybe you will be less*concerned and less critical.
The experience level of attorney McAllister*who was defending Ed through trial, before he was disbarred, told us that he should have developed Ed's defense with perfect precision. All of the pieces are there, only a good shepherd was needed to marshal the evidence*with a strong presentation to the jury. Unfortunately, that was not to be.*Frankly, he*might as well have been a*"No*Show"*and he was a "Non-event." Everyone kept waiting for him to develop Ed’s defense, to show the strategy, a plan, which, in the end, seemed to be to let Ed go down.
Then, whatever little glimmer of hope there might have been, as the trial proceeded, was dashed by the lies continually told by the government its minions plus, the exclusion of any exculpatory evidence by the judge. The jury never got to hear anything favorable about Ed or why he was not guilty.* I am still reeling from the terrible performance of his “defense counsel”, but think about this, there was no one else qualified who would touch the Edgar Steele case.* All the other qualified lawyers with whom I spoke just did not want to soil their reputation because the SPLC and the ADL has made it clear that they will attack anyone who does with their foul stench publicity. So Don, I am still on the learning curve, but amazed at the depths of depravity in the NWO system…In Edgar’s case and in many others, no one gets to present any evidence that is helpful, the jury only gets to hear the lies, scripted by the SPLC, that the Government wants to tell. It is really bad when the Judge, the prosecutor, and your own attorney are working on the same team to destroy you. WOW, go figure that one out!
Ed’s Motion for New Trial is due today (unless my Motion for Enlargement of Time is granted). Cyndi and I have been working literally about 20 hours per day collecting affidavits to show that Ed had a defense and it was not presented because his attorney was incompetent, they call that Ineffective Assistance of Counsel or IAC which should result in Ed getting a new trial.
At the same time, I am preparing to file in the Sup Ct of the US a petition with a fresh idea, never tried before, to demand justice for Ed and others who have been treated similarly. How that will work is very interesting, but if you want to be on my mailing list when it happens, I give you the advance copy.
Look, I am literally working feverishly 'round the clock, with a short 1 or 2 hour nap here and there, to bring this together. If I, or Cyndi had to stop and respond to every request for information we would have to spend all our time answering questions and get bogged down and never meet our deadlines. I have almost daily requests from numerous supporters of Ed in talk radio who are great supporters of the Movement who want interviews and I kindly explain that we “gotta do what we gotta do” or Ed will be dead, in prison. You understand that Ed died on the operating table in November 2009 during his heart surgery. He is living on borrowed time, so to use your metaphor, Time is Short, but understand, if Cyndi or I fail now, in the eleventh hour, with sentencing looming on August 22, 2011 and with the deadlines imposed by the Court, Ed will never see the light of day--He is 65 years old and has ongoing health problems so that even a*five year sentence*will probably*kill him, is that what you want? Because that is what the SPLC and the Government wants; in fact, that is what they are trying to do to all of us, they want to kill us and our economy off, with their chem-trails, and their blown up oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and their 911s and their… I could go on and on. So, what is it that you want? An interview with Cyndi, and if you don’t get it, you’re gonna do what? publish something ugly about Ed? Well there is are many who have published ugly stuff about Ed, and why? Because he exercises his right to free speech and protects others who want to do the same, like you? I*know that you mean well, but*if you want to help,*please don't send Cyndi any more veiled threats, that is very unbecoming a man of your stature.**
Anyway, neither I nor Cyndi can talk to anyone right now who is not on the defense team. This email has cost me an hour of precious time to compose, and it has take*time and energy that is desperately needed*to defend Ed's case with a deadline looming today. The Government*also wants to waste my time, I have been ordered by the Court to come to Coeur d'Alene for a hearing next*Wed., July 6th to explain why it is that I am the only attorney in the world who can represent Ed—You see, I have a big, fat, conflict of interest because I represented Cyndi first and she purportedly Edgar’s crime victim that he supposedly wanted to kill – so now the victim, who was to be killed, wants to give her attorney to the supposed killer… That’s a story of real proportions, put that out there if you will. That really and truly is the biggest conflict of interest I have ever seen, yet the law is in*our favor because both Cyndi and Edgar have knowingly and voluntarily waived that conflict of interest in writing.* Cyndi wants me to represent Ed because I know more about his case than possibly anybody on the planet and because I believe whole heartedly, 100%, in his innocence. Do you?
So Don, you “ya gotta do what ya gotta do.”* If yer gonna "make yer move" then go for it, because she and I are Ed's last hope; but, understand this, neither Cyndi nor I can participate in any dialogue with anybody that is not a part of the defense team right now; to do so would be a disaster. If that means we are ignoring you, then so be it.
I pray*for you that wisdom will overtake your mind and that you will continue to support Edgar Steele*because*he is innocent and no innocent person should be falsely accused of anything, but all of us are being falsely accused every day; that is, we all are being accused now by the Enemy of All Righteousness*for we*"wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph. 6:12.
Watch for more of*Ed's writings as he is having an Epiphany experience that is bringing him*closer to*God. He calls it the Tao of Ed, and it is really great. Are you listening….do you have ears to hear?
You may ask, what is it you could do for Ed that really would help? Well Don, Get the word out -- you could go to all*your readers, supporters and listeners and tell them that some amazing law is about to be made that may help them, that they may have a chance to sign a petition soon that could CHANGE THAT WE CAN BELIEVE IN that is, change the face of things as they are, and Change Back our country.* They need to understand that their contributions are needed to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund,*even if it*is only a few dollars, or as much as they can afford, because as Jamie Kelso says: "It's an investment in your future" otherwise, when they come to get you, there will be no one left to defend them. If we cannot draw the line in the sand now and defend Ed, we are all done.
May the Lord's choicest blessings be upon you and all whom you seek to reach in Ed's cause, that they will truly support the innocent who are*being persecuted by this monster that lurks among us.
Best regards,